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The guy was nice and told me the tires should be replaced (2/32 and 4/32) and that he can not do me a favor and rotate them so that I can do my financial arrangements with my wife and come back a few days later. Then we agreed that I come back after I consult with my wife; he told me while I was leaving "be sure to be serious next time".

I found that very offending especially I was heading to discount tires hoping I do not see the same guy who mocked me last year when, after giving me the quote for my wife's car, I told him I should consult with my wife before buying the tires; I ended up buying from COSTCO. This year, it looks that,the same thing happens because people do not like when they are serious to be told that they come to the store just to have fun.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Tire Rotation.

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I must defend the store for not "doing a favor". Why should they?

the store is a retail place of business & sees hundreds of customers a month.

this guy wants the shop to do a free service for the customer in hopes of them returning? I suspect if the customer had agreed to pay for the work performed that the tire store would have discounted the "tire purchase" when the customer actually returned

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