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Got a full set of all season radials, and got a flat one day while driving. Pulled off the road, jacked the vehicle up and took the tire in.

Discount representative stated that they will not honor the warranty due to the fact that I drove on it!!!

the tire had about 9000 miles on it. They are about as bad a weasel as can be, dont go there!

After replacing the tire at my cost, the new one was flat the next day ( like they did something to it???) when my wife drove it down the road about 5 miles....same thing again but I have to give a little credit to the fact that she actually drove on it.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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If your tire was low on air it will get hot and damage the sidewall and that damage is seen on the sidewall. so always check you tire presure, as you could be almost flat on new cars and trucks and you will not know tell it blows out.

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