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I came into a location to have my summer wheels/tired put on. Lucas Rosten, Senior assistant manager, informed me that since one of the tires has wear, he had to replace all 4 as this was Subaru's policy, and Discount Tire's policy was to abide by all Manufacturer policies.

It was quite obvious that Lucas was attempting to lie to make a sale. When I requested to see the policy in writing he got very upset, yelling, rude and told me I was no longer welcome there. I asked for his card and he questioned me as to why I wanted it, in fact one of the tire techs overheard and offered to give me his instead. I called Subaru after I was kicked out of Discount Tire for calling our Lucas on his very transparent attempt at strong arming his way into a sale.

Subaru, predictably, told me they had no such policy.

I fully intend to follow up with Subaru as to the malicious misrepresentation of their policies by a unaffiliated third party to for their own financial gain.

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Scott, the manager of this location, called me and pressured/harassed me about online reviews left for this business. He then proceeded to respond to the reviews on this site and others with almost ver batim the same script he berated me with on the phone. He has since deleted the comments...for now at least.


But all-wheel-drive systems are becoming more popular, and they do require all four tires to be replaced at one time. So for AWD vehicles, the short answer is yes, but let's find out why.

In vehicles with all-wheel-drive systems, including Subarus, Audis and Lamborghinis, the differential and the computer work together to send the right amount of torque to each wheel to minimize slippage and maximize control. If one of the tires is a different size than the others -- because three tires are worn and one is brand new -- the computer will take an incorrect reading and the differential will work too hard. Drive this way long enough and you'll burn out the drivetrain.

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