Bought a new set of rims, they broke a stud off on my wheel. And did not inform me, 3 was later my wheel almost falls off, had truck towed over 150 miles and they wouldn't do anything, was rude,is respectful, and lied over and over!

Will not even replace wheel!!!!! I'm out tow truck fees, mechanic fee's and I'm driving on my spare!! Have used them for several years but not a day longer!!! Lied to my face over and over and belittled me when I spoke my mind..

Big disappointment!

Never ever again!!!

And I have no problem telling everyone I know and. Meet!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I had a horrible experience with Discount tire. Everytime I went in for a tire rotation I was always told one my tires had been worn and they made me constantly buy a new tire every time I went to them.

Then I asked for them to rotate them one time and they refused stating my tires were too worn. Plus they are a highly priced place to got to.

I won't use them again and do not recommend them. Plus they always had the wrong address and was always correcting them.


I'm not sure why so many rude comments have replied to this thread but I had a similar experience with Discount Tire so it's not hard to imagine it happening to someone else.

I went in asking if they were able to remove wheel locks from my wheels because my brakes needed to be replaced (bought the car used and they didn't have the key anymore). They said they could do it and made sure it was ok with me if they scratched up the wheels.

I said that's fine as long as you don't weaken the strength.

They ended up getting the socket of their socket wrench stuck in the wheel. They don't make those wheels anymore so they referred me to another place that could possibly heat the wheel enough to pry the socket out.

Went to the other place and they straight up told me Discount Tire needs to replace all 4 of my wheels because since I have aluminum wheels they can't be heated up.

Went back to DT the next day and they denied everything and refused to replace anything and I had no proof I was there.

So far I am out $1000 for new wheels and a wheel stud. Beyond angry at this piece of *** company.


Honestly this review makes you look like a dumbäss and if your wheel were to fall off bc of them you should not come online and complain. You should go to a court room.

Oh wait that wouldn't work bc there's too many variables that show there's too many possibilities that don't involve discount being at fault. This site is for complaints that make sense so please shut up now...

to Anonymous #1516276

unhelpful and useless


"3 was" weeks? If so then did you get maintenance done in between that time?

And if not ok... But you do realize that they could've broken from other reasons. You didn't notice anything till your wheel almost falls off?? And one broken lug or bolt doesn't cause the whole wheel to be unstable.

A hub with 5 bolts could have only 3 working and if properly tightened the wheel would remain on the vehicle so get your facts straight. Take better care of your *** vehicle and don't go slinging *** like a dumbäss primate

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