I took my new 2012 Honda Pilot to Discount Tire to put some air in a low tire and after they inspected the tire with me watching, they found a nail in it. They said they would fix it for free.

They assigned this job to a young person on their staff. They fixed it and I drove the car home. The next morning my husband noticed a dent in the car in the area of the repaired tire and upon further inspection we found 22 scratches and 3 chips in the paint, all in the same area. We submitted two claims to the claims department and a final letter to both the founder and CEO of the company and all three were rejected.

The final letter coming from the corporate office by the Department Manager of Claims on behalf of Mr. Thomas Englert, the CEO of Discount Tire stated “In reviewing all information available, we find that the scratched areas do not resemble anything that could have occurred during service. We studied the photos closely and do not find, based on our experience that the scratches match up with any tool the crew might use. Therefore, we do not find any responsibility on the part of Discount Tire.

Discount Tire is not in a position to make any payment in this matter.”

We speculate the young technician was wearing a bracelet of some kind that young people wear today, but unfortunately we were not looking over his shoulder when he was making the repair. Many of the scratches were in the location adjacent to where the torque wrench was used to tighten down the lug nuts. The others were around the wheel well. There were no other scratches or chips found anywhere else on the car.

A local body shop estimated the damage at around $2,000. We will not use Discount Tire again in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1920.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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i find it hard to believe that they scratched your vehicle, they only work on the wheel, and even while they torque the lugs nuts, the tools are not even close to the paint, they do not run any tool around the wheel well


I am an inspector and will come out to your house to take a look. I will also call and text you.

No need to give me your address bc I already have it bc you posted it for everyone to see. I'll stop by one these nights, I get off around 1 am


Well, I suppose you could put in a claim on your auto insurance and say someone in a parking lot must have come by and vandalized your car. Or, you could take them to small claims court.

Very coincidental that your tyre was repaired and your car was scratched. Most likely scenario is as you suspect, but proving it????

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