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A day after have two front axles replaced by Discount Tire Center my car became inoperable on the freeway. The tow truck driver, without being told about any work being recently done, commented that it appeared the axle was broken.

The dealership where the car was towed after the breakdown said that the axle had been installed incorrectly.

Discount Tire would not pay for the repair costs related to their defective work.

They claimed that they would only be responsible if the var had been returned to one of their shops. I told them that after my life had been put in danger due to their shoddy work I had no intention of having them touch my car again.

The refused to take any further responsibility.

Review about: Discount Tire Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $708.

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I believe this customer was referring to Discount Tire Center, not Discount Tire Co.


This is from the original poster.

I have posted a link before to Discount Tires website were they list the mechanical services they perform. It was removed by this site.

I had this work done by the Discount Tires on Fountain Ave. in Los Angeles, CA.

They do all types of mechanical work in addition to tire specific work.


This person is ignorant. Discount tire only does wheels and tires. No mechanical...dbag


You have to take all these complaints with a grain of salt. I'm not saying that places like Discount Tire, NTB, Firestone, Kauffman Tire, etc.

can't make mistakes and in some cases even damage your car or rip you off. Those kind of things happen in any industry. It is kind of funny though to read these knowing that in most cases the customer is the one at fault or it would have been handled by management immediately.

At my store we know the customers who are going to be problems the second they walk in. They are the same ones that complain everywhere they go.

Childress, Texas, United States #50098

like the other two people said Discount tire only does wheels and tires nation wide period. This is not Discount Tire you are complaining about!


Yes, that is true. Discount ONLY does wheels and tires.


Whatever company this person is complaining about is NOT Discount Tire Company. We do NOT replace axles or anything of the sort.


Discount Tire doesn't even do mechanical work.

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