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I have been a customer of Discount Tire about 20 years. I had the worse Discount Tire experience ever.

Apparently it is Discount Tire policy to only install new tires on the rear of a vehicle regardless of your customer's wishes. It was thoroughly explained to me about the safety reasons for this policy but I have good reason for placing the new tires on the front of my vehicle. While I welcome your employees advice, in the end it is my decision if I choose to heed the advice.

I went in to the store to replace my 2 back tires and have the new tires installed on the front and the 2 good tires currently on the front rotated to the back.

Discount Tire refused to install new tires on the front of my vehicle and I should have left then but instead he spent 15 to 20 minutes trying to convince me to change my mind. Finally, he offered to replace all 4 and I wouldn't have to pay for the forth tire and I reluctantly agreed if he would take my best tire and mount it on my spare wheel.

It is a decision that I now regret. That was a lot more expense than I was prepared for and the 2 tires I had on the front were still in good condition and did not warrant replacement.

That should have been the end of the bad experience but when my vehicle was ready I checked the spare and it was the same tire I had on there when I went in. I questioned the employee about it, and it seems he placed the used tire in the back of my vehicle without mounting it. I assume he was hoping I wouldn't notice it until I got home.

I have used Discount Tire for all my tire needs because I felt I was treated fairly in the past. I feel this policy is not about safety and more about selling tires. Most vehicles are front wheel drive and that is where the most wear is. I want my best tire there despite the concern of those that sell tires. Besides it is my decision where I want my new tire mounted. After my last experience I think something has changed in the mindset of Discount Tires management. I can get this kind of hassle anywhere. I don't need from them. If this is their policy then I need to buy my tires elsewhere.

Review about: Discount Tire Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Seal Beach, California, United States #888584

I've had the same experience, minus mounting the spare.Virtually every article I find says to mount the new tires on the back, but anyone that has driven both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive know that both cars handle completely differently when they skid or hydroplane.

A front wheel car will go straight and you lose steering. A rear wheel car will lose drive, but you retain steering ability.

One point about all those articles I have read. They are all by tire distributors, manufacturers, or dealers.

They stand to increase their sales by putting worn tires on the front in a market where 80% of all cars are front wheel drive. And, yes, companies will put profit in front of safety and the law, it happens every single day.

And, one point to remember is that when you have half tread tires on the front and full tread tires on the back, in 5,000 miles, you will be putting even less tread on the back when the tires are rotated. So, if this idea that front wheel cars have the back end sliding out when going around wet turns (which has never happened to me), what's it going to be like after the rotation?

Whether front or rear wheel drive, you need to have the best traction at the power to allow you to: 1.

Get traction back. 2.

To apply power back to the road to pull yourself out of the skid.End of story.

Richardson, Texas, United States #815924

Why do you think Michelin chose to do the study in the first place?Probably because they are sick of getting sued for a tire blowing causing an accident.

In the study they found it is safer to put the new tires in the back. Do you think Michelin is going to "RIG" a study to make a profit????

I am sure that would look real good in court.

Discount Tire is not going to put the new tires on the front because if they do and you are driving down the freeway and your tire blows or you get into an accident they could end up getting sued.

to Trojans Derby, Kansas, United States #1233349

Holy facepalm

Lol naw man.A corporation would never rig study results to increase profit at the cost of customer safety...

Tobacco industry on lung cancer

Oil companies on climate change

CFC producers on ozone damage

Power plants on acid rain Sugar industry on obesity and macromolecule ratios Big agriculture on glyphosate carcinogenicity I could seriously go on all day.

But I have things to do.


If you let discount tire decide where your tires go

Why not let walmart tell you what groceries you can eat

and the government tell you whe to stand up and when to sit down

*** take the tea back out of the boston harbour and call the brits and tell them to come on back and make up some more rules for us


this should be a recommendation, not a policy

I don't rotate as often as I should so I wore out the left front

main drive wheel other tires are good, Goodyear recommended that I put the new on the rear, but its my car so they said they would put them were ever I wanted them. goodbye

Discount tire I was a loyal customer

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #589609

The fact is,front tires pick up more nails,screws ect.By forcing you to put new tires with warranties on back then when you get a screw in front (it has swept debris out of warrantied tires way).then they say can't fix front, too little tread,so now when you can't afford you are buying 2 more tires and they are protcting tire"certs" you paid for to replace new tires you paid for.I have runflats and was told "blowout in rear would cause oversteer.Sure RUNFLATS never collapse. I also live in desert where it rains 35 days a hydoplaning is not happening often.The "TESTS" they refer do are horsepoo and they wont talk about other testing.I hate Discount Tire and any business that tells me what to do.

to chuck #614517


Just so you know the most common flat tire on any vehicle is the Passenger Rear. The reason for this is because most roads are sloped to allow water to flow off and prevent puddles. Therefore, when the car is in the right lane its most common for the Passenger Front tire to kick something up thats been washed to the side and allow the passenger rear to run it over.

Make sense my friend?

As for the New Tire on Rear issue thats going on here people need to realize that times are changing. My guess is if you have been buying tires from DTC for twenty years you are old enough to have driven on bias ply tires at some point too. I don't know if you have noticed our not but everything that your buying for your vehicles are Radial ply. Second, how many of you all can really control your back tires when the hydroplane?? Therefore, the reason that the TIRE INDUSTRY is making the switch to mount the two new tires on the rear isn't because they want to make more money...they will make plenty anyways because everyone needs tires. The industry is changing because its truly safer. You can't be a very successful business if you don't have customers and if a company is willing to not sell tires due to a safety concern that should get your attention. So when your older(more worn) tires are on the front and the lose traction you can actually help them stay the course and the new tires on the back take care of themselves.

Side note to all of...

I hope I have been some help to you all.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #589299

People are missing the point here.The customer was told they wouldn't mount the new tires in the front, which is not their policy.

That's a blatant lie to say they can't mount them in the front.

New tires in the back is safer, but discount tire needs to put them where ever the customer wants them and note that on the receipt or customer log for legal purposes.Its as simple as that.

to Yoko Lone Tree, Colorado, United States #648446

Thanks...I thought there was no intelligent life, left on the planet.

If I won't the tires on the front, I'LL PAY AND YOU PUT them their.

This is a tire......not plutonium


You sir are an idoit.First you said it yourself, 20yrs and they have always been good now you dont trust them.

Do your homework before making *** comments. ALL tire manufactors are all saying new tires should be mounted on the rear, its not a Discount Tire thing.

Its a way to keep you safe, they gave you a free tire.Go to some of the other places, Firestone, NTB, Sams, they all have the same thing but they wont give you a free tire to help you.

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