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I had a screw in my tire and a slow leak and had it plugged from the

outside at the closest repair place. I then went to America's Tire a few

weeks later to "do the right thing" and get it inside patched. I found

America's Tires has a POLICY that they will not touch ANY tire that has

been plugged (unless MAYBE if it has only been plugged in the last few

hours) and declared the tire (in this case, a low-mileage tire) was

"irreparably damaged" and that it must be replaced. This was all without

inspecting the tire. To make matters even more extreme, my tire model

(Dunlop Z1) was no longer even available directly through America's Tire

and had to be "Special Ordered" from Tire Rack undoubtably adding

replacement time and cost.

I refused their "awesome offer" and went to another tire shop and had the

"totally destroyed" tire inside patched.

This is why the benefit of "free" local repair/service at America's Tire

is a really a scam as they have crazy rules, like the above, where they

want to force you to buy another tire and refuse to touch your tire. This

is the second time I have been forced to go elsewhere to get something done

with a tire purchased at America's Tire.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I just had that happen to me at Discount tire...plugged tire was never even driven on since it leaked from the start, and they said I needed new tire. Thanks but no thanks, the tire is only a year old and lots of tread.


Sorry about that when I meant to say was my father purchased a tire from American tire and the tire fell off and pass th sorry about that what I meant to say was my father purchase a tire from American tire and the tire fell off and pasted us up. On the road .So much for their expertise and tired anyway (that’s all they deal with though) Go figure


My father had tagged JAS in American tire and it fell off it passes up on the road so much for your expertise


I have had the same problem with Americas Tire... If it is any consolation, I have had an "Outside Plug" work with no problems for 40,000+ miles...


35 Yr Tire "Vetern": I don't believe you (or your troll insults). Likely, industry representative.

"the hitman": LOL: "Honda race car"... more like 27 year old $9k-new ghetto car. Cost of tires is literally a large percentage of market value of this car.

Basically, are plugs illegal? Is temporary plugging a tire illegal? No. If there is legal issue then there is such thing as a "liability waiver". One big concern with just pushing in a plug from the outside is that the tire is never removed and inspected, this is not the case with temporary plugging. It boggles the mind that temporary plugging of a tire by a competent repair shop would AUTOMATICALLY destroy a tire. I don't believe in magical "second holes" that can be determined by the psychic (never inspected) ability of America's Tire's CEOs. My tire was inspected and patched by a major name tire shop, the difference is that I had to pay for it unlike America's Tire who refused to touch the tire. I frankly believe that the extra probability of failure because it was temporary plugged is very tiny. Environmently, I do not like the idea of being forced to junk a perfectly good tire (let alone the extra $s).

Basically, this is just a scam to sell more tires. I have had "tire shop experts" tell me that my tires were worn out with only a few miles on them (with the molding "tabs" still on the treads) (fooled by "R" tires). And frankly I do not take dictates by the industry organizations like "Rubber Manufacturers Association" as unbiased gospel.


The reason they refused to repair your tire is because when these "Expert" gas statio attendants plug a tire they DO NOT follow the angle of injury in the tire. For you simple minded folk, that mean a nail very seldom if ever enters a tire at a 90 degree angle it is usually more like a 30 to 60 degree angle.

Well when he gas station flunky get a hold of your precious tire he crams a spike straight into the tire at a 90 degree angle completely tearing your belt package in the process. The he sticks a piece of rubber or gooey string through the second hole he just created. When he is done he has totally ignored the original repair which after time will fail. WHY?

Because moisture will enter where the second hole was created and cause your belt package to rust. When this happens the rust will cause oxidation and the tire will start to separate " this means come apart". All the while you will be completely oblivious to this taking place. So when you hit that favorite corner at to high a speed and expect to make will in fact loos traction when the tire fails and blows and you kill yourself any passengers you might have with you and any other people you might take out along the way.This is why it cannot be safely repaired.

Instead of one hole there are now two.An unless you have x-ray vision I am sure you cant see the hidden damage created by plugging a tire. You got a spare? If so slow your *** down enough to use it.

If not get AAA. But quit bashing people because your to uneducated in their field of expertise to know what keeps your family and mine safe

to 35 Yr Tire Vetern #1391518


to 35 Yr Tire Vetern #1593764

Uneducated? It is too not to. Different meanings


If you drive ln dunlop z1 then u already know it's a very close to a race compound tire and it should not be repaired. I assume u bought them for grip.

Imagine driving your honda race car and u corner hard. The tires starts to grip and the plug that u just put in it to fix it now gets ripped by the road. Tire explodes. U hit a tree.

And maybe survive. I will bet that you will get a lawyer and blame that poor company that has decided to plug it for u. Most of us are not educated in everything. Specially tores or auto parts.

We think we know cause we all have an old *** mechanic that thinks he knows it all and that means we know it all. Which proves my point.

Someone told you they can't fix your tire and you went to another shop to fix. Cause they are the experts.


Discount refused to patch my tire too on 1/02/2012. I pulled out a nail and the tire started leaking.

I put a temp plug in to drive it to the Discount Tire location within 3 miles had truck to them within 15 minutes.

They refused to even look at it because it was plugged. They insisted on selling me a new tire.

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