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After reading this letter, Discount Tire may want to change their Catch Phrase to "Service You Can't Trust".

On Friday January 9, 2009 I purchased four ALTIMAX ARTIC tires with studs from the Grady Way Discount Tire location in Renton, WA. Only three of the tires were mounted as the stud gun supposedly blew up. I returned the next morning to have the fourth and final tire mounted. - I believe only 3 of the 4 tires were in stock and Discount Tire wanted to make a sale at my inconvenience.

On Sunday March 29, 2009, I attempted to replace my studded tires with my aftermarket wheels (rim and tires) and could not as the head on one of my locking lug nut was damaged. I am not sure if the staff at the Grady Way location broke the head of the lug nut and ignored the damage, but Grady Way Discount Tire location was the place my care was serviced from January 9, 2009 to March 29, 2009. . – The damaged unattended lock put me at risk of not being able to replace a flat tire is experienced during the months of January, February, and March 2009.

On Monday, March 30, 2009, I went into the Grady Way location and communicated by concerns about the broken lug nut. The Grady Way location had no issue with servicing my car, breaking the damaged lock off, and mounting my non-winter tires. After servicing my vehicle for 30 minutes, it was communicated to me that that one of my aftermarket tires were flat and had a nail in it. As I do not recall a nail being in any of my tires when I placed and removed them from storage this ski season, I became skeptical of the Grady Way location staff. – I believe a nail was placed in my tire by the staff at the location.

Furthermore, the Grady Way staff, who consulted with the 40+ year "Good Old Boy" Site Manager, attempted to sell me two new tires. To cut through the chase, I requested that Discount Tire Staff place my spare on my vehicle and allow me to travel to LES SCHWAB TIRES to find a match for the supposedly un-repairable tire as I do not want mix-match tires on my vehicle. When I arrived at LES SCHWAB TIRES, they had a match in stock but did not sale me a tire because the tire Discount Tire said was un-repairable was repaired by LES SCHWAB within an hour of me leaving the Discount Tire Grady Way location. – I believe Discount Tire wanted to make an unnecessary sale at my inconvenience.

I have attached support for the un-repairable tire incident, but do not have evidence of the stud gun blowing up on March 29, 2009 for the placement of a nail in my tires. However, if a request to replace the stud gun at the Discount Tire Grady Way location was not made in January 2009, I would suggest a management change be made at the Discount Tire Grady Way location as the un-repairable tire scenario alone brings the integrity and reputation of Discount Tire and its staff into question.

On a closing note, I never intend to purchase tire or seek service from Discount Tire ever again. As I work for a very large Aerospace company in Washington and have access to people that make decisions on who will service the Corporations fleet of automobiles and trucks, I will promise you that I will always speak negatively towards Discount Tire. This also goes for my family and friends who are in need to tires for their vehicles as well.

The behavior displayed by Discount Tire is very UNAMERICAN and damaging to your reputation. If customer service is such a hard concept for Discount Tire to grasp, may Discount Tire should take notes from LES SCHWAB and use the LES SCHWAB model as a bench mark.

Never doing business with Discount (Don't Trust) Tire again,



Review about: Discount Tire Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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2 2TIRE TECH, diplomacy goes a long way. even if the customer is wrong. speaking in a diplomatic manner will win you customers.


I think thats a bunch of BS!!! AS a tech with the company for over 3 years.

We do NOT just put nails in tires. That would just make more work for us. And besides flat repairs are free its not like we charge you for them. As far as locks go they are a dime a dozen.

and brake on a regular basis pending on the lock type. especially those pesky stock locks. as far as selling you two tires we want you to be SAFE on the road for yourself and other drivers. WE ARE NOT COMMISION SALES!!!!

Saying that we only try to do whats best for the customer that you. whether it be a unknown nail in a tire or uneaven wear due to lack of rotation or possibly a mechanical problem with shocks to bent rims and seperated tires. its unfortunate what happend but i assure you we do not just make up work to be done. us techs dont want a car in the bay longer then 20 min max.

if it is there is a good reason for it. sometimes we get allmost all the way done with a work order before last minute catching a small nail or something in a tire. so we repair it for you FOR FREE... FREE FREE...




I'm deeply sorry about your experience at Discount Tire Co. but us at Les Schwab Tires are are happy to have you as a customer.

We are here to serve your tire, brakes, shocks and alignment needs!!

Sincerely, Les Schwab team.

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