I went in to America's tire (same company as discount tire) to get a price quote on a set of XXR wheels and some tires. I asked the sales rep if they carried XXR's,and he replied that they did.

I'd already priced out on internet about what my cost would be, with a rough estimate for labor. The wheels I was looking at were $89 each, shipped, from the site I was looking at. The rep told me that I'd be looking at over $1200. Now, that's a fair price for some wheels and tires.

But I was looking at wheels that were $89 each on the internet, and tires that were about the same. What I was expecting was $720 parts, $60 tax, and $80-100 labor.(I know how much work it is to mount and balance tires: not much. With a 15 year old turntable, I can mount a wheel at work in under three minutes, and balance it in about ten.

I just didn't want to use beat-on weights). Either that's one *** of a markup, or they really think that they deserve the same labor rate as a full-fledged mechanic.

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Our local DT does not charge labor if you purchase wheels or tires through them. But they will try and rip you off with the road hazard I sent my wife in to have the repair a tire and they said it should be replaced and they quoted her the full price for a tire without prorating or honoring the road hazard.

I called and spoke the manager and he said the tire meet the road hazard warrantee and they refunded the full amount of the tire.

Those guys' try and take advantage of women and do! Beware don't send your wives to Discount Tire they will rip them off.

Los Angeles, California, United States #638706

You forgot to add shipping and handling Dumb *** no internet site is going to ship all that weight for free


lol you're a jack-***, we can strip and mount tires in under 1min and balance in 10 seconds. We finish with your ENTIRE vehicle in less than 15 minutes after brushing your hubs, dismounting, mounting and balancing.

That 15 minutes includes coming to talk to your *** *** about the piece of *** after market tires you were going to buy on the internet, vs.

the fantastic tires we give you for yes a little mark-up but lifetime warrantees to replace those tires for f****** FREE and free balance and rotation for life if you continue to be a customer with us, it's a little more than your internet scam tires, but you get QUALITY SERVICE ***. You ever heard the phrase, "you get what you pay for" that's what we like to think you are getting when you buy from us.


Internet wholesale price on wheels and tires is always cheaper than retail, ***. Look at it this way, even in your quote, 720 for wheels and tires+ 100 for labor + 80 for road hazard warranty + 80 for tax = 980.

They quoted you around 1200. You are buying 8 different items.

1200-980 = $220 price difference. $220 divided by 8 items = $27.5 mark up per item, pretty typical my friend.


You are an ***, 13 min,turntable,$80.00-$100.00 labor, not much, Why dont you do the tires for the company you work for? If you are so god damb good at tires?

It takes a repetitive knowledgeable competent person to mount tires and care about it. Beat on weights,How bout we beat on you for not knowing what the *** you are talking about If you are looking for a discount than thats what you will get.Why and the *** do you think that you can get labor for nothing,The tire business is hard work and very rewarding, try treating someone with respect if you want a good deal, no matter what you are buying, 1 cent to 325,000.00 it will get you a long way.

If you know how much work it is than why dont you order the product and do it at work by yourself, dot forget to torque your wheels at manufacture specifications when your wheel falls off because you are incompetnent do get mad at anyone but yourself. have a good day.

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