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First off, the second you take your car into a shop and see nothing but teenagers screwing around doing nothing, get in your car and leave. I took my 2001 mustang cobra to get new tires put on it.

As the child got in my car he seemed to think i wouldnt see him peel out backwards. Now i let it go because its fast so its possible its an accident. He looked around and didnt see me staring at him. So he peels out forward and drifts the car, looses control, and drives over a speed bump and on to a curb.

I hear a big bang. So i walked outside to see them lifting my car. They put the tires on while im watching. My grandpa was inside so i went to sit next to him.

When the kid brought the car back out i realized that although there was plenty of parking he parked my car at the end away from the door. I got in the car started it up to hear a terrible loud noise. I backed it up and heard something drag. So i put it in park walked in and told them that they ruined my car.

He proceeded to lie to me and so i asked for a manager. Even the manager didnt have the decency to tell me the truth he kept lying about it. He also tried to convince me my intake manifold was cracked. Well it wasnt his lucky day.

Because ive been working at a shop for 8 years and i know my way around the car better then someone who puts tires on it. When he was peeling out and hit the speed bump and curb, he ripped out my entire exhaust manifold and shattered the headers. Pissed off they told me to go to some hole in the wall place and they paid for the damage. After waiting 3 days to get in they told me i cant have a rental because my car was still drivable.

Keep in mind my exhaust was dragging on the floor. So i kept my mouth shut because i have a stomach disease and just dont have energy to argue. Once they (fixed) it still didnt run the same and i ended up sellling it to a friend of mine who wanted it to fix. I ended up buying a bmw and took it there where they fixed my flat.

2 weeks later i took it in to fix another flat and they told me that 3 months ago they changed rules and cant fix it. I said but i brought it in 2 weeks ago. they said sorry go to firestone. I never been to firestone but fed up and in need of a fix i had the car towed to firestone.

They ended up taking care of me. Ive always gone to discount my entire life. and have reffered many people to it. But after these experiences dont ever go there its the biggest joke these days.

In my town firestone is right next to discount so it was practical for me. But if you have a second option make sure you take it.

If you cant make sure to watch them like a hawk. Theyve put me through enough trouble.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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