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I had bought those tires not to long ago still under warranty try continental now my passenger side tire gets low on air for the past 1 week so irelaized their is a small nail in it I took a photo of it till I came to your 25125 location I was told from the maneger that their is mechanical problem from the car which is i dought it kz I had every thing up to code changed up In the front of that car anyway the tire now is down to metal he wouldn't fix the nail problem wouldn't replace the tire all he did put a couple of pound of air so um worried to drive this car to work or anywhere with my four kids in case the tire blow of on me don't forget that when I bought the tires I paid almost $700 plus the warranty I hate to trade your company for another Werhouse kz I always Ben your custoumer from a long time ago try to get this don asp or um gona talk to my lawyer this is a big responsibility on u guys 313 626-1136 bryan

Product or Service Mentioned: Continental Tires Tires.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I can tell you this. That tire with the severe wear on the edge like that is from too much camber.

The causes of this is a bent spindle hub. Bent strut, Bent control arm. bad ball joint. Or bent strut tower.

Who ever checked your alignment did not check the camber. Most cars these days the camber is not adjustable. Unless you get an adjustment kit for it which is usually offset bolts that when you turn them it will tilt the tire. When you have alignment done there is Toe in, Toe out, Caster, Camber, The Toe adjustment makes the tires track straight ahead.

The Caster which is also not adjustable on cars since the late 80's is what make the tires want to roll straight ahead like a shopping cart wheels do. Camber is the Top to bottom adjustment you want this as close to 0 degrees as you can get. They can tilt too far out or tilt too far in.

That tire with the nail looks repairable to me. But I am only seeing part of the picture not the overall tire condition.

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Jesus!!!! you sound like a dumb ***. bu der tire werhouse.


. Mechanical is your car in reflection to the tires wearing uneven. Do not waste money on a lawyer.

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