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I tried to buy 2 new tires for my car, have them put on the front and move the front to the rear, they would not do that , i was told if i bought 2 new tires they had to be placed on the rear of the car, i ask if that was my wishes for them to be on the front the said sorry, so i got my keys and left just figured their getting all the business they wont when they tell the customer what to do ! If ya dont believe me ask Al @ Discount @ 361-241-2178

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Please visit or for the reason, pictures tell the story.


This was recommended for you based purely on safety. This is an industry recommendation from years of testing from tire manufacturers and department of transportation. If you would listen to tire experts they will even explain that your tires where going to be rotated and balance all 4 at no additional cost, even if your tires weren't bought from them


Since when did Discount Tire become my mommy. I agree with Anna. She should get her tires where she wants them and not where They want them.


They was trying to protect you, if you put new ones on the front then you could hydroplan and cause a wreck injurying or even killing yourself or someone else. This people are paid professionals let them do they job. I LOVE DISCOUNT TIRES


it is in the best interest to put new tires in the rear, not the front. This will prevent hydroplaning and loss control of your vehicle...


it is for your own safety

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