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I have a 2011 Mazdaspeed 3 with 2000 miles on it. I removed 2 of the wheels, CLEANED THEM THOROUGHLY & hauled them to Discount to get all-weather tires (car comes with summer tires - not to good for Michigan winters).

When I got them back the outer portions of the rims were coated with a heavy layer of bead lube. When I got home & cleaned off the bead lube I found deep scratches & gouges in the rims. It was obvious that they has smeared on the bead lube to hide the damage. Discount denied responsibility until I told them that I had photographed the rims before I brought them in.

Only then did they offer to have my rims refinished. I wanted new rims. My car is virtually new & the rims were in show room condition. Also I had previously purchased a refinished rim for an older car & it flaked in less that a year.

I'm fighting up the chain of command at Discount now with no success. Their regional manager actually laughed at me when I tried to resolve it with him.

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***... I agree with the other guy.

Doesn't make any sense and I think your *** to think that you could handle them better. Discount probably didn't even scratch your wheels you probably just wanna blame them. Do you know how hard it is to screw up wheels on the machines they use?

And why not take the refinished deal? Why be difficult and ask for brand new wheels?


It’s a simple concept I thought everyone should be able to grasp. The less Discount Tire handled my rims the less opportunity there would be for them to damage them.

I also cleaned the rims because dirt can cause damage depending on the type of changing equipment used. I was doing everything possible to make the job easy for Discount.

They twice assured me they had a touchless tire changer and could do the job with no damage. Instead they trashed my rims and covered up the damage.

to rmax1949 Roseville, California, United States #1209691

America's Tire Store scratched my rims. They also told me they use touchless tire mounting equipment.

However, when I went back to talk to the Manager I saw the technician pick up a long flat metal bar and insert it between the tire and the edge of the rim and drag it back and forth across the edge of the rim...didn't look very touchless to me. My old tires were also Run Flats and from what I've been told they are very difficult to remove from the rims.

The manager ended up telling me he would pay to have a couple of the small scratches touched up on the rear rims but would do anything about the large areas where the paint was worn through on my front and rear rims. Time for Small Claims Court


I hauled the tires to the shop so they wouldn't damage the rims removing & installing them. I smell a ***.


He was right to laugh at you. You won't get anywhere with this.

If you can afford a 2011 car then you can afford to go to a real tire shop like Les Schwab or Firestone Auto Care.

I still don't understand why you took the rims off the car in the first place. It would be cheaper to just drive the car down there with the rims on it....I smell a liar.....

to duh San Antonio, Texas, United States #1201575

Both of the negative comments above are obviously from people who work for discount or haven't had damage to their vehicle when having it serviced. Dumb a&^*.

Discount also damaged my vehicle and refused to pay stating "prove it".

They obviously don't have cameras installed for a reason. I am currently asking adjacent businesses if they have cameras so that I can prove these M@#$^& F*$#@# did this damage.

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