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We are an average hard working American family. We take responsibility for ourselves and never complain, take a stand or see ourselves as victims, until now!

I went to the Discount Tire store located at 1230 South Milton Road, Flagstaff, Arizona. November 9th, 2009 to have the tires rotated on our 2005 Kia Sorrento. I clearly informed the salesperson that the vehicle was 4-wheel drive and with the possibility of winter storms in the forecast "I want to ensure that my wife had safe transportation while I was out town on business".

The manager, "Kurt" informed me that he would not rotate the tires and instead wanted me to purchase new tires right then. I informed him that was not possible today and I was leaving on a business trip.

The front tires did have an uneven wear pattern and needed to be rotated. There was still plenty of tread on the tires and would have been fine on the rear of the car until after the first of the year and we were past the holidays. The rear tires had plenty of tread and looked almost new. The set of four were replaced in 2007 and I was driving less then 20 miles a day during this time frame.

Kurt insisted that this was unsafe and offered to install a pair of loaner tires to get us through until we could replace the tires. His offer seemed reasonable and I trusted his "professional opinion".

After about a 45 minute wait one of the young men announced that my car was ready. He thanked me and said the documents were in the glove box.

On December 7th, 2009 during a storm my wife called me and said she was having problems on the icy roads while in four-wheel drive. This was the beginning of a serious winter storm and the roads were pretty bad.

After about 16 miles of driving down state route 89a in snow and ice the car was smoking and shuttering. My wife pulled over and called me. I told her to call roadside assistance have it towed where we could have it looked at.

Upon inspection by the Kia dealership they determined that entire driveline of the car was destroyed and the tires were the blame. The service manager said, "you need to go after the person that put those tires on your car!" In reviewing the documents from the tire swap on November 9th it was clear and known to them, they put a taller pair of tires on front of the car than what was installed on the rear of the car.

Here is what Discount determined in their "investigation":

Dear Ms. XXXXXX:

A review of the above referenced claim has been completed. According to a statement taken by the tow truck driver that transported your vehicle to Oxendale Kia you drove your vehicle in 4_wheel drive for over 30 miles on flat freeway. When the tires were installed as a temporary replacement in November 2009 it was not brought to the salespersons attention that your vehicle was a 4_wheel drive vehicle. Had your vehicle not been placed in 4-wheel drive the temporary tires would have performed without causing damage. Based on this information, Discount Tire will not be issuing any voluntary payments to indemnify you at this time.

If you have any additional information that you think may be relevant in our liability investigation, please submit it to my attention for. In the absence of any new information, our file will remain closed. Please be advised that the statute of limitations for property damage claims in the state of Arizona is 2 years from the date of loss.


Claims Mgmt Dept.

Discount Tire Company

I have removed the name and phone number here in all fairness. Now, the statements in this denial letter are totally false. The tow truck driver that delivered the car to the Dealership claims to have never made such a statement.

It was 16 miles until the vehicle failed on an icy, snowy canyon road. the Kia dealerships service department agrees with the owners' manual (with the correct tires installed) even if this were driven on a Flat freeway it would not cause any damage to the driveline.

Obviously the person who wrote this letter has never been to Northern Arizona, for there is nothing "Flat" about where we live or the drive to my wife's office which is not via a freeway.

I was clear with Kurt that this was a 4x4 vehicle and to add insult to injury, they have put tires on this car recently and all the information about our car in their system.

We are a simple, happy, working class family. We trusted the "˜experts' at Discount Tire with our needs. As a result, our vehicle is sitting at the Kia dealership with $12,000 damage and we are still making the monthly payments on it. We have 2-car loans out- we simply can't qualify for another vehicle loan.

Bottom line; we are stuck paying for a mistake made by Discount Tire.

I paid for a one-hour consultation with an attorney. He informed us that we would have to foot the entire bill to take this to court and could not be reimbursed for our expenses since nobody was physically injured. I am grateful my wife or some else on the road was not injured. I would not trade the welfare of others in order to force Discount tire to do the right thing and repair our Sorrento that their mistake and negligence damaged.

Do not purchase tires from any of their stores. Clearly they are not just incompetent, they are sorry people of poor character with no morals and don't care who they hurt!

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Replacement.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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So let me get this straight. You took your car to discount tire to make sure your "wife was safe", yet when they told you that you needed new tires, you argued that you didn't.

They then took pity on you and offered you a loaner set of tires, out of likely genuine concern.

You then try to turn around and sue them! Wow, just wow!





your the *** ***... he told you that you needed 4 new tires you said no... so shut the *** up people are so dumb and obv he put a temporary fix on there not something to dive forever on


maybe you, as a consumer , a person buying tires, should research information about what tires and things of that nature suits your vehicles needs. you are going to purchase something, tires can be costly, why do you not research and get information on what your going to buy before buying it?


Thank you all for your comments and insights. I no longer trust anyone, their work or opinions and now always verify the details to the greatest extent that I can. Discount Tire paid our local Kia dealer to repair our vehicle and frankly that's all that was expected.


I had a similar experience with Discount Tire. We could only afford 2 tires at the time, and they put the new tires on the front axle, which is CONTRAINDICATED in every instance, they even have laminated cards and/or videos at their office now that inform customers that new tires go in rear.

In my case, we were not informed. The vehicle had a fishtail accident shortly thereafter. Nobody could or would explain why they installed the 2 tires contrary to their experience and policy. My answer to this is in your spare time make a sign and picket their stinking storefront and warn the world about their incompetence.

I plan to.

Oh yeah. I do.


Did the Kia even cost $12,000 to begin with? I have used DTC for more than 20 years and they are GREAT!!


You never should have used the 4x4 and you would have been ok im sure they told you not to use it. Everybody knows if you dont have 4 matching tires dont use 4x4 or you shouldnt drive!!!!


no as another trusted expert from dtc apprentice tech, new tires should always be placed on the rear for traction purposes, replacing 4 new tires is always the best solution but when this can't be done the next best thing is to replace the two rears, or replace fronts and rotate the rears, and also had you just checked your tire size before you left you could have avoided this whole cluster mess


Joe tire's comment is wrong. in the event tires are needed, and only TWO tires can be purchased, they should go on the BACK, regardless front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive...in your driver's manual, it states, "in the event of a skid, point your front tires in the direction the REAR tires are skidding"!!

properly interpreted, this means you will probably lose traction in the rear BEFORE you lose traction in the front, hence better tires are needed in the rear for improved traction. more weight (from engine/transmission) in the front end also gives the fronts MORE traction than the rears. As a master tech for over 22 yrs, I have to note every invoice when it is insisted that new tires go on the front to cover my behind legally. I do NOT take responsibilty for vehicular wrecks from traction failure when proper tire service procedures are disregarded by my customers.

Had this customer's concern brought to my shop, there would have been NO driveline failure since we do NOT install tires that do NOT match the EXACT size coming off.

Being Master techs, we look for things like that so in the event of a failure, we are held faultless in compliance with tire service standards. While there is NO shop perfect, we stay in compliance with industry standards to eliminate liabilities that stem from improper service procedures AND improper tire sales.


yes i guarantee the tires were free it would have been fine had you not put it in 4x4 discount tire company does not work with wheel spacers so they were probably removed and they may have just missed one and no new tires should be on the rear and yes for christ sake stop stimulating foreign economys and buy american


Discount tire in Beaumont, tx didn't put 3 out of 4 wheel spacers that were originally put on when I got new rims on my 08 gmc Sierra 4x4 causing my from hubs and rear drive tran to go out, just filled the claim if they don't fix what they have done to my truck I will be calling a lawyer Monday morning !!


It sounds like they were just trying to make sure you were safe to me. Did they charge you for the tires? Even so, according to research, better tires should be on the front.


That is what you get for driving a piece of *** Kia!


Why didn't you just check the tire size of the loaner tires before driving off? A little due diligence on your part would have avoided this whole mess.

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