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we bought 4 new tires for our truck on 10/11/10 the truck had 112,861 mi. we had the truck serviced on 12/17/10 at a chevy dealer and the tires were rotated then, the miles on the truck were 114,768 the truck now has 120,912 miles on it and two of the tires have lost about 50% of the tread, and the tires only have 8,051 miles on them.

We took the truck to the store where we bought them and the salesman that sold us the tires said we did not rotate the tires at 5,000 mi. which he is right, we went 1,144 miles over 5,000 and he says that is why the two tires are bad even though their warranty says to rotate every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

The salesman told me that he would replace the tires for $151.00 and that I should be thankfull for that because he did not even have to do that. I would not pay the money, discount tire needs to replace the two bad tires free of charge.

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We bought a warranty and all of our tires from Discount Tire. The claim they have no record and our paperwork is in another state.

When we get our hands on it, we're filing former complaints with the state attorney general's office. They conveniently "can't find us in the system." Bull ***.


Oh bull! Anonymous's 2 tires should never have been that worn after only 8 months and 8,051 miles regardless of the rotation.

They probably had a 50,000 mile warranty. People regard that as a "tire life" under normal driving conditions. Sure he wants 2 free tires, he probably feels he bought junk. Because he did!

Those tires are garbage, plain and simple as that. The internet is loaded with similar stories. It's a Win Win for tire mfg's and retailers. Just sell everyone 8 or 9 hundred dollars worth of tires every other year.

The average joe can't afford to buy junk like that. Also, I think it's a safety issue. It's time consumers start writing letters to the Attorney General's office of the state they live in about this concern. Maybe with enough complaints it will be investigated before people start losing their lives on the highway because of this garbage being sold.

Blah, blah, blah about the proration and rotation and alignment and shocks...that's just an excuse to cover up the garbage being sold. I'm sending out my letter tomorrow, because I'm fed-up with buying tires every 18 to 24 months no matter how good I take care of them.


“Prorating” What a Great Idea.

Hello, my name is Justin and I have had a very favorable experience with discount tire over many years. I have bought a lot of tires for several vehicles from discount tire and other tire shops in my 35 years of owning a car.

I had a problem getting a tire warranted about 7 years ago from a Discount Tire store located off of Ave. K in Plano TX. After buying several tires from this store with out ever getting a tire warranted or prorated from this store, I never asked about the prorating thing because I just never had any luck getting tires prorated in the past with other tire stores. Never did the Ave K store ever inform me that they would be willing to prorate any of the tires that had worn out and adjust it to the new tires I would be purchasing. I have bought many sets of tires from the Ave k store for the same vehicle or vehicles. But when I had this tire that was obviously out of round, because of the belts separating I was shocked when the tire sales man from the Ave k store said it was because of a bad alignment and he was not going to warranty it. (This guy had an abrasive attitude). If he had even given me 20.00 toward a new tire I would have bought four tires from him and that would have been the end of it and I would have left satisfied. As it turned out that experience was a good thing, because I learned that this is not the way Discount Tire wanted to do business.

I was just about to swear off this company and was so mad that I called their 800 #. I spoke with the man in charge and he bent over backwards to make things right. He sent me to Lanny Hill at the Plano store off of Hwy. 75 near Home Depot I met Lanny and we looked at the tire, he didn’t hesitate to insure me that he would take care of it. He adjusted the tire that was out of round and prorated the other three tires. I had left with no hassle and four new tires less expensive then I have ever bought four tires ever before or at least from what I can remember and these tires where a good brand name and quality. I learned something that day that a tire company will actually prorate tires. Lanny has been my man for tires ever since, I even followed him to the Spring Creek store in Plano about a block or two west of Hwy. 75. I hear (not from him) that he has one of the top two stores in the Dallas area and I’m not surprised the store seams to be always busy when I have gone there.

I bought four new Hankook’s 97.00 each in July 2011. I have only had these tires for 5000 miles but love them so far. I went to the new store close to my house in Sacshe TX. It was Lanny’s day off. I decided that if anything went bad I would see Lanny the next day. I met Edward Kiefert the manager there and got the four tires prorated, they were smooth wore out and bought four new tires, again it was a no hassle experience, extremely good price and Discount Tire had a rebate and I got a discount tire car care credit card that had a promotion with it that I got money back by applying for the new card, which I paid off with the first bill. All total with the life time balance, rotation, mounting and everything else including the rebate, tires prorated and the money back for the credit card, I spent less then 180.00 dollars for 4 tires!! I have recently took the van back to have the tires balanced and rotated, again no hassle, this no hassle buying tires thing is great. Who likes to be ripped off or stressed out anyway. While I was waiting I had discussions with three or four other customers about trusting Discount Tire compared to their competition. We all had bad experiences at other tire stores.

I have today 9-28-2011 bought four more tires from Lanny at the Discount Tire store at Spring Creek in Plano for my wife’s front wheel drive 2007 Rave 4. The front two tires were wore out and the back two still had a lot of treed left. I initially wanted to buy just the two fronts and get the old ones prorated. Monday 9-26-2011 I called The Plano store, Lanny had Jury duty, just my luck. So I called the Sachse store and spoke with Edward Kiefert, I had met him before and although he is young he is very friendly and knowledgeable, these are both traits that I prefer doing business with. He asked me if I had rotated the tires and I told him no that I had not. He said that he could figure that out because the back tires still had a lot of tread left with the fronts totally wore out. He explained that if I had rotated them and the difference was 2/32 or less between fronts and back that he could prorate them and get his money back from the manufacture. I honestly didn’t know this was going to be a problem, I thought I would just get the two done with no worries.

So I called the 800# again because I still would have to wait until tomorrow to get a hold of Lanny. The head man Ken Reed is still there 7 years latter. He called me back the next day 9-27-2011, but by then I had already talked to Lanny and he had me set up for an appointment the next day on the 28th after talking to Lanny and Mr. Reed I understood about the 2/32 difference and understood that they would not be paid back from the manufacture. As I thought back I realized that previously with the other prorated situations that all four had equal wear so this issue never came up. (My advice is for people to make sure you rotate your tires). This is not Discount Tires fault they give free rotations and balance, I actually thought if I was not having any problems why bother. Additionally I was told in order to maintain an expectation for prorating in the future that I should think about buying four instead of two, with having to keep the best two on the rear for safety reasons. I would never be able to get back to equal wear.

That said, Lanny had already informed me that he would give me a 50.00 “good customer” discount to help off set my failure to rotate the tires, pretty cool. Actually it was a 53.00 dollar discount on the final invoice. After reading reviews I bought four 225/65R/17 Michelin energy saver a/s. Lanny gave 31.00 dollars each on my two good rear tires + the 53.00 “good customer” discount + Discount Tire has a 70.00 in the mail or online rebate for four Michelin tires (makes buying four a no-brainer), I went online, did this before with the Hankook’s very easy, got the money back in about 3 weeks. So to sum this up and another possible bummer learning experience about prorating tires and the 2/32 difference needed between the fronts and back, I don’t think I could be any happier. I will keep up with rotating the tires.

I know that I probably am not the easiest customer to please but as a customer I know each business needs to make a profit to stay in business of course, and all I want is to know that I have not been swindle or treated unfairly.

I believe dealing with Discount Tire over the last several years, friendly and fair service is exactly what I got and with money as tight as it is these days it is reliving to know that there are still business’s with the right attitude towards their customers.

Thank You, for your time and attention.


Ps. I don’t know how I would ever do this without spell check, another great idea. Maybe I should write them a letter? Is there a them? How do you write a program a letter?


give you tires for free? ..... you go everywhere demanding free replacement for other stuff as well?....if he is giving you credit....take it or go pay full price for replacement tires some where else then!


Discount Tire was giving you a deal. They would have to be worn evenly down to 3/32 of an inch across the tread for them to send them back to manufacturer for mileage credit.

Most cases, when tires don't wear evenly there is something wrong with the vehicle itself, or they weren't rotated properly. If they are giving you any credit at all and they couldn't get anything back themselves out of it consider yourself lucky. Most places will not warranty stuff just because unless they get something back themselves.

Discount Tire has always been fair to me and gone beyond that on a couple times when my tires weren't quite able to be sent back to manufacturer but they were willing to help me out.

If you don't change your engine oil in your truck and ruin the engine will the dealer "warranty" it out? Well I'm guessing you would probably expect them to.


They aren't gonna put two tires on for free. That 50000 mile warranty is a prorated warranty that comes free with the tires you buy.

You have to pay for that most other places.

Although that's really weird that the tires wore out that quick you can't expect them to replace it for free. Unless you bought the certificates.

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