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1.- Manager on duty on store TXH 36 Mr Miles was discourteous in manner and action, offensive, sudden and unpleasant.

2.- My tires worn out in less than two years and less than 30,000 miles.

Discount Tire refused to honor the 60,000 miles mileage warranty on my set of tires I bought little less than 2 years ago.

They state these tires do not have mileage warranty but Discount Tire Web Pages show 60,000 miles warranty for my current tires(Fisk Classic 185/65R-14)here in Texas...Yes it is crazy: they offer different mileage warranty for the same tire, for example here in Texas they offer 60,000 miles mileage warranty but in Georgia they offer 50,000 miles mileage warranty for the exact same tire.

I use to trust in Discount Tire but not anymore: they suggested me to buy these "Fisk" tires with 60,000 miles warranty for my brand new car and these are the worse tires I ever had and on top of it Discount Tire don't honor their warranty.

Monetary Loss: $260.

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I have the same problem: bought set of 50k new tires because Discount Tire store manager said while his tires are TWICE as expensive as my current set - that got me only 20k miles - his 50k would get me twice or more mileage.well, i went in yesterday for warranty as my dealership said the tires were wornout and would not pass inspection. The DT Mgr said he wouuld not warrant due to us not bringing the car in for rotation.

I said BS and that i had the reciepts where my dealership rotated tires at my "prepaid annual maintenance" and i would get htose or he could simply put hte vehicle on teh rack and observe for himself even wear on all tires adn that tehy had been rotated.

He agreed with the rotation and that he would warrant the tires EXCEPT he only warranted such that I had to pay 75% of the new tires price when I only received 20% (10k miles) of the 50k Warranty!PURE FRAUD & I am seeking others to file CLass Action Suit against DT. I paid TWICE TEH COST for tires that got HALF the mileage and then was cheated on teh warranty!anyone else similarly situated please reply to info@imageryexpl.com and we will sue their a>>3> on a class action filing!!!!!!!

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1019697

Some shops are great and others are not so great.

The Manufacture tire mileage warranty is about as good as Mattress warranties.

They only cover a Car that is operated in perfect alignment and where the tires have been rotated properly.

If you own a light weight car chances are your tires will last longer and you won't have as many issue that a heavier car has.

Front wheel drive cars based on design wear on the edges of the tires during cornering.

The tire shop however will blame any edge wear on improper alignment or inflation. This was mostly true with the older rear wheel drive cars of the past. On todays front wheel drive cars the edge of the tire will wear faster than the rest even with proper alignment and inflation. Hard or sharp cornering will cause it to ware faster than driving like a senior citizen.

All tire shops pretty much play the same game.

In their defense the tire manufacture won't give them credit for tires worn unevenly as they always blame it on in proper inflation or alignment. The tire shop would have to eat the cost themselves if they honored the mileage warranty.

Houston, Texas, United States #710706

I'm glad you have had no problems at all with "Discount Tire" not discount tires.

Good for you better for "Discount Tire".

Actually we all do not care about what you think, you are a *** and we all respect you like ***.

We all are talking about facts no for what we are thinking.

to Julio***s Yonkers, New York, United States #918292

I'm working on a story right now about tires that wear out well before the mileage warranty. I would love to talk to you about your situation. Sue LaColla slacolla@consumer.org

Carmel, Indiana, United States #709066

i have had no problems at all with discount tires i think you are all making it up and work for the competition and the fisk classic tires are a steal they are made by bf goodrich


Getting the run around? By Managers?

Playing games saying waiting to hear from Falcon tires, and then saying come in they need to check tires for the air? My tires worn down at 20K. They are saying they do not replace? Come on.


Give me a break! "HAS ANYONE FILED A LAW SUIT?"


OCT 2012 I HAVE ONLY 20K miles. They wore down.

They are saying they are not responsible. Not looking to honor or replace. Its only 20K miles.

They are really rip off....THIS IS THE STORE OFF ALICIA PARKWAY IN SO. CAL Near 5 FWY


It's a great scam. DT here won't ever rotate my tires anymore, even when all 4 are almost new.

Their 'policy' is the best tires ALWAYS ahve to be on the rear. Win for DT, so they don't have to perform non-revenue related services, a loss for you, as you can buy 2 new tires up front annually. They can even now rip you off on the tire warranty since they weren't rotated properly.

I've been a DT customer for 20 years on 4 vehicles, but I'm angry and will find another supplier. This is a scam.

to Craig in Seabrook. Perry, Michigan, United States #639234

I have found the exact same experience here in Michigan. Been a DT customer for 20 years, always had tired rotated, but in the last year DT won't rotate them - it is a scam.

I am going someplace else, but the tires I have to replace are only 2 years old. :(


Yall believe yall know more than the guys that work at discount tire... a pro-rated warranty, a certificate for free replacement, and a manufacture milage warranty are three totally seperate things.

Thats whats wrong with consumer these days that do not read and understand what they are buting before they make a purchase.


Discount Tire\'s 3-Year, 50,000 mile warranty is false and they\'re tires are very poor quality. My steering wheel started vibrating at highway speed so I brought my car into Discount Tire for a tire check on 6/23/12.

Rep looked at my tires and said my tires were worn because of my tire alignment, therefore they are not responsible and my warranty automatically is cut in half (to 25,000 miles). How convenient since these tires had a little over 27,000 miles on them. Alignment is something which is adjusted and corrected by a very sophisticated machine using lasers, not by eyeballing. These tires were purchased brand new in 2009 with 3-year 50,000 mile FREE REPLACEMENT warranty.

I saved my original invoice and read it completely and NO WHERE in they\'re written warranty does it state that alignment issues cut your warranty in half. I paid an extra $22.00 for the FREE REPLACEMENT CERTIFICATE for both tires. These tires were purchased, mounted, installed and balanced by Discount Tire and at NO TIME did they state or imply that my car had any alignment issue or that such and issue would decrease my mileage warranty. This is simply a loophole/ add on they use to cheat customers out of warranty fulfillment.

Discount Tire reps talked down to me by saying \"Everyone Knows this\" and \"If you know to change your oil then you should know to maintain your alignment.\" Sorry but I am not an automotive technician. I have common sense and would not spend $100 for an alignment on my car unless I noticed a problem or my owners manual stipulated to have the alignment checked every so often. PLUS EVERY AUTO MECHANIC YOU GO TO THESE DAYS CHECKS YOUR TIRES AND ALERTS YOU TO ANY ISSUES. I WAS NOT INFORMED OF ANY SUCH ISSUES IN THE NEARLY 2 YEARS I HAD THESE TIRES BY ANY OTHER AUTOMOTIVE SPECIALIST for oil changes, tune ups or other repairs.

THIS SHOULD TELL YOU THAT DISCOUNT TIRE IS FULL OF IT. They even tried accusing me of not rotating my tires and again said \"Everyone knows this\" \"This is common Knowledge.\" NO IT\'S NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE TO EVERYONE AND THEY KNOW THAT THEY CAN USE THIS EXCUSE TO CHEAT CUSTOMERS OUT OF THEY\'RE WARRANTY. They tried to offer me 2 new tires for nearly the same price I paid for these. I simply replied \"Why on Earth would I buy anything else from you?\" Rep even had the nerve to then offer me another extended warranty ($25.00) if I buy 2 new tires as well.

I can\'t help agree with George. Discount Tire is a complete joke.


i think most of you are mad because 1 you really didnt know that your car takes a certain kind of tire. 2 most cars now a days have 18-22 inch wheels on them that are low profile.

which means the tire takes more stress.3 most people dont maintain their vehicles alignments, rotations which i know discount tire does for free, no matter where you purchase them. yes if your vehicle is wearing out tires because you didnt have them aligned, you shouldnt be warrantied, but yet even i use discount tires hassel free warranty and they have never tried to pull one over my eyes. they have always taken care of me my family and my friends. ill admit there are crapy people in the world, but sometimes you have to take reponsibility for your own laziness.

maintain your vehicles.if there is a better place out there that rotates for free, does flat repairs for free, and replaces tires for free, by all means let me know. ive been from flordia, to kentucky,, to all over michigan.

i have always been taken care of. :)



I'm from the other side of the world, Australia, it's interesting we all have the same problems.

How can a manufacturer have a Guarentee on any product that is used with so many variables, eg . Alignment, pressures, rotations. and the most important thing tat never changes the world over " BUYERS ARE LIERS"

I'd hate to work with the public.


I also bought tires with a 50k warranty from Discount Tire, and they are not honoring the warranty. I spent 1300 dollars LAST YEAR and they wanted to sell me new tires with a WHOLE 50 dollars off!


There customer service has really gone down the ***! Seriously they put on a used bridgestone tire on my 350z when i had a completely different set of tires on to begin with, not to mention an expensive warranty that states they should replace the tire with the same kind.

Front tires are already worn out and they refuse to replace them. That does not sound like a warranty to me.


“Prorating” What a Great Idea.

Hello, my name is Justin and I have had a very favorable experience with discount tire over many years. I have bought a lot of tires for several vehicles from discount tire and other tire shops in my 35 years of owning a car.

I had a problem getting a tire warranted about 7 years ago from a Discount Tire store located off of Ave. K in Plano TX. After buying several tires from this store with out ever getting a tire warranted or prorated from this store ever and I never asked about the prorating thing because I just never had any luck getting tires prorated in the past with other tire stores. Never did the Ave K store ever inform me that they would be willing to prorate any of the tires that had worn out and adjust it to the new tires I would be purchasing. I have bought many sets of tires from the Ave k store for the same vehicle or vehicles. But when I had this tire that was obviously out of round, because of the belts separating I was shocked when the tire sales man from the Ave. K store said it was because of a bad alignment and he was not going to warranty it. (This guy had an abrasive attitude). If he had even given me 20.00 toward a new tire I would have bought four tires from him and that would have been the end of it and I would have left satisfied. As it turned out that experience was a good thing, because I learned that this is not the way Discount Tire wanted to do business.

I was just about to swear off this company and was so mad that I called their 800 #. I spoke with the man in charge and he bent over backwards to make things right. He sent me to Lanny Hill at the Plano store off of Hwy. 75 near Home Depot I met Lanny and we looked at the tire, he didn’t hesitate to insure me that he would take care of it. He adjusted the tire that was out of round and prorated the other three tires. I had left with no hassle and four new tires less expensive then I have ever bought four tires ever before or at least from what I can remember and these tires where a good brand name and quality. I learned something that day that a tire company will actually prorate tires. Lanny has been my man for tires ever since, I even followed him to the Spring Creek store in Plano about a block or two west of Hwy. 75. I hear (not from him) that he has one of the top two stores in the Dallas area and I’m not surprised the store seams to be always busy when I have gone there.

I bought four new Hankook’s 97.00 each in July 2011. I have only had these tires for 5000 miles but love them so far. I went to the new store close to my house in Sacshe TX. It was Lanny’s day off. I decided that if anything went bad I would see Lanny the next day. I met Edward Kiefert the manager there and got the four tires prorated, they were smooth wore out and bought four new tires, again it was a no hassle experience, extremely good price and Discount Tire had a rebate and I got a discount tire car care credit card that had a promotion with it that I got money back by applying for the new card, which I paid off with the first bill. All total with the life time balance, rotation, mounting and everything else including the rebate, tires prorated and the money back for the credit card, I spent less then 180.00 dollars for 4 tires!! I have recently took the van back to have the tires balanced and rotated, again no hassle, this no hassle buying tires thing is great. Who likes to be ripped off or stressed out anyway. While I was waiting I had discussions with three or four other customers about trusting Discount Tire compared to their competition. We all had bad experiences at other tire stores.

I have today 9-28-2011 bought four more tires from Lanny at the Discount Tire store at Spring Creek in Plano for my wife’s front wheel drive 2007 Rave 4. The front two tires were wore out and the back two still had a lot of treed left. I initially wanted to buy just the two fronts and get the old ones prorated. Monday 9-26-2011 I called The Plano store, Lanny had Jury duty, just my luck. So I called the Sachse store and spoke with Edward Kiefert, I had met him before and although he is young he is very friendly and knowledgeable, these are both traits that I prefer doing business with. He asked me if I had rotated the tires and I told him no that I had not. He said that he could figure that out because the back tires still had a lot of tread left with the fronts totally wore out. He explained that if I had rotated them and the difference was 2/32 or less between fronts and back that he could prorate them and get his money back from the manufacture. I honestly didn’t know this was going to be a problem, I thought I would just get the two done with no worries.

So I called the 800# again because I still would have to wait until tomorrow to get a hold of Lanny. The head man Ken Reed is still there 7 years latter. He called me back the next day 9-27-2011, but by then I had already talked to Lanny and he had me set up for an appointment the next day on the 28th after talking to Lanny and Mr. Reed I understood about the 2/32 difference and understood that they would not be paid back from the manufacture. As I thought back I realized that previously with the other prorated situations that all four had equal wear so this issue never came up. (My advice is for people to make sure you rotate your tires). This is not Discount Tires fault they give free rotations and balance, I actually thought if I was not having any problems why bother. Additionally I was told in order to maintain an expectation for prorating in the future that I should think about buying four instead of two, with having to keep the best two on the rear for safety reasons. I would never be able to get back to equal wear.

That said, Lanny had already informed me that he would give me a 50.00 “good customer” discount to help off set my failure to rotate the tires, pretty cool. Actually it was a 53.00 dollar discount on the final invoice. After reading reviews I bought four 225/65R/17 Michelin energy saver a/s. Lanny gave 31.00 dollars each on my two good rear tires + the 53.00 “good customer” discount + Discount Tire has a 70.00 in the mail or online rebate for four Michelin tires (makes buying four a no-brainer), I went online, did this before with the Hankook’s very easy, got the money back in about 3 weeks. So to sum this up and another possible bummer learning experience about prorating tires and the 2/32 difference needed between the fronts and back, I don’t think I could be any happier. I will keep up with rotating the tires.

I know that I probably am not the easiest customer to please but as a customer I know each business needs to make a profit to stay in business of course, and all I want is to know that I have not been swindle or treated unfairly.

I believe dealing with Discount Tire over the last several years, friendly and fair service is exactly what I got and with money as tight as it is these days it is reliving to know that there are still business’s with the right attitude towards their customers.

Thank You, for your time and attention.


Ps. I don’t know how I would ever do this without spell check, another great idea. Maybe I should write them a letter? Who is them? How do you write a program a letter?


dicount tire rips off the cusomer and laughs aboat it i am sure they our the cause of some fatal blow outs.


I have yet to have a set of tires of any brand, from any store, get even half of their rated miles even though I am an easy driver and rotate them regularly. Uneven wear is most always blamed on poor alignment even though no alignment is needed once new tires are installed (if you purchase the new tires from a competitor, or have them installed in one shop and then have the alignment checked at a dealer).

Discount tires where I live does not do alignments, and will not adjust the tires even though the shop they send you to for alignments shows no alignment required, which means the tires wore unevenly due to poor construction, not alignment. Remember, you are charged for balancing even though any balancing required is due to a fault in the tire, not your wheels, all wheels are balanced to very high specifications far beyond what is done at the tire store. The more weights you see after balance, the poorer the quality of the construction.

The balancing does not change the fact that the material of the tire and belts is unevenly distributed, it only cuts down on the vibration you feel as a result. Tire companies and dealers know it is very unlikely they will ever have to honor a warranty when you cannot prove the fault is in the tire.


....do you people ever rotate your tires? if your vehicle is FWD and you never rotate your tires, the fronts will be worn out quickly and before the rears.

if rwd, you get the point.

so, with that being said, if you never rotate your tires, which you can do at most oil places, and even at discount tire for free, noone will honor your mileage warranty, because you did not properly maintain them. manufacturers will not warranty you credit, so discount tire will not.


So, my husband paid for the extended warranty too. We got a grand total of 10000 miles on our set of tires and bc "our car is designed to handle well and grip road well, we will just wear tires faster.

" that is a load of ***. Discount tire just charged us for a whole new set.

Shifty , shady fraud tire salesmen. We have been taken by discount tire for last time Don't use them !!!

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