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My wife purchased me a set of 4 Dominator 235/75/15 for my camping truck.. This truck gets maybe 300 miles a year and the tires started to FALL APART..

Tread tearing away and causing the truck to bounce and woble like CRAZY.. When I went back in to the Castle Rock location i was charged for the tire that need replaced to be replaced.. since than 4 out of 4 tires have torn apart due to maufacture defects and AGAIN DISCOUNT TIRE wont do a thing but CHARGE me for new ones.. I have purchased 4 NEW tires and got less than 300miles outa them BEFORE they FELL APART..

Id like my tires replaced with NO CHARGE to me..


Monetary Loss: $400.

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Looks like an alignment/ inflation problem. Also those tires look like they are worn far more then 300 miles and are dry rotted/cracked. I have tires that have been sitting on my truck at least 7 or 8 years that look to be in better condition then those.


How old were these tires? Yrs, not miles.

From the look of them in the pic they are a few years old. And like all rubber products tires will dry rot. When that happens heat and load affect the structure of the tire. Im just basing this off your pics.

Also how do they know they were overloaded? Was there evidence of it? Did they show you? Are you being honest about the tires usage, or are you just pissed cause they failed and you thought they shouldn't have.

Your complaint is very vague and without much support. The pictures show a worn tire that appears to be old. It does not support your claim of NEW tire failure. I really wish people would get the facts straight before bashing people on here.

Otherwise it just makes the complainant look uneducated about what they are whining about. No I do not work for Discount Tire or any of its subsidiaries. I live in an area where there are none. I found this site because I had an issue with a completely different company.

But after going through here I have found ALOT of unfounded drivel shot at people because of people with no education. Not saying formal, just about what they whine about.

If your a mechanic you know exactly ZERO about tires and their construction unless you have been to Goodyear, MAST, or some other manufactures training. Like auto mechanics it's not something you get be an expert in under your shade tree in the backyard.


We were taken advantage of by DISCOUNT TIRE.. Those tires were manufacture defects and were recalled and yet DISCOUNT TIRE wants to charge me to replace them..

They have less than 276 miles on them before ripping apart like shown in pics.. Never over loaded unless your not allowed a dirt bike in the bed of a FULL SIZE TRUCK..

DISCOUNT TIRES A GIPP.. Ive had this truck for 8yrs and never had a tire issue UNTIL THIS SET FROM DISCOUNT RIP OFF TIRES..Shoulda stuck with BIG O


not to obvious you work at the dealership.. stand behind what you sell or close up shop|


You have some severe problems with your truck, AND these tires were overloaded as well. Tires don't wear out like that by themselves...and the odds of having 4 defective tires with todays technology is about equal to you hitting lotto 4 times next week.

Take your lumps, get your truck repaired, and buy new tires, Try getting a decent LT tire, which, based on the evidence of overloading, might be a wise move. Also, check you air pressure once in a while (monthly)

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