I have been a member of DT for years and my alignment at the front of my vehicle is messed up to cause wearing on the outer edges of both front tires. My back tires whether new or old take many years to wear out.

Currently I have had old tires with good tread on the back. To the point, I went to the Plano, TX location near Spring Creek and Hwy 75. They gave me 2 new tires, but refused my request in the name of "vehicle safety due to new technology/discovery" that I have to have the new tires on the back and the old on the front. I had them installed because my two front tires at the time were worn down to the metal strippings.

A couple days later, I drove to the other Plano, TX location off Ohio Dr. for a free tire rotation and they denied it to me because of the same *** discovery. Last time I checked, common sense says balled tires cause vehicles to get into wrecks by swerving, not treaded tires. I called my parents who live in California about this and they said they have never heard of this before and that they always get rotations from their DT.

And what technology is this? All I see are the same old shops with the same old tools. More like new BS to scam another victim!

I have been a loyal customer for about 10 years. !!!Rot in *** Discount Tire!!!

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Well I have a front wheel drive car. My front tires wear out faster. So what they're are saying is that I can never get my tires rotated?


Why dont you research what Discount Tire is trying to teach you instead of crying to your parents. If you do a little research you will see that Discount Tire is absolutely correct. New or better tires need to be on the rear.


If you want them to pit the new tires on the front then just buy two more a cheap ***



If you want them to pit the new tires on the front then just buy two more a cheap ***



A quick Google search reveals that the tire industry recommends that two new tires go on the rear axle for safety reasons.

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