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I had an obviously defective tire, as inspected by 2 other tire stores. Discount Tire, where I bought it orginally, said I had a mechanical problem.

The sidewall of the tire had separated, as can only be seen from the dis-mounted tire, inside view, had a loud 'thump' while driving and an obvious 'cup' wear pattern on a section. I had the suspension checked out and the mechanic said the problem was the tire. This was an additional $74 with no fix. I replaced the tire with Walmart for $50 less than DT.

Avoid these guys and their minimum wage 'experts'.

A $150 tire from DT acutally cost me $339 by the time it was corrected.

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Cup wear would be caused by a mechanical problem. Seperation is were the steel belts seperate from the compound, there are not steel belts in your sidewall that would seperate, unless you hit something causing the rubber layer insides to split.

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