If you just want to buy tires and never have to worry about getting service, then these guys are great! But if you want your 5000 mile rotation or anything else in the way of after the ourchase service, be prepared for 2 hour waits ALWAYS.

I also have to go back twice every time to get the balancing right.

Never right the first time. (?)

If you don't buy the super replacement warranty ($$$), don't expect ANY coverage or support for the tires you buy.

My brother runs a Tire Factory Shop and offers incredible service for his customers, as does Les Schwab and Costco.

Review about: Discount Tire Replacement.

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Allen, You can't even spell DEFINITELY right. Of course you work at this place. Nobody with an education would get hired.


Being that long of a wait would indicate they are a pretty busy store. As an employee I can assure you we are definately not sitting around just chilling.

There is a faster way to get service however.

You can call and make an appointment or go online to their website and set one up. In most cases you will be out the door in less than 45 minutes.

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