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I got two new tires from Discount Tires on Monday. $238.00 for the tires, $35.00 for the certs, $5.00 to dispose of old tires, $30.00 for lifetime balancing, and the best part, $20.00 for Tire Pressure Monitor System Rebuild Kits.

Only problem--my car does not have the TPMS--total ripoff. I am contacting corporate about it to see if their is any official position or policy on employees padding the bill.

So tired of the corruption out there people. Fifteen years buying tires from them and now this. I had thought they were honest and reputable, but this tarnishes the whole company for me.

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did you tell them the correct year make and model? because if you mess up on that, and dont tell them exactly what your car is, that is added to the ticket because the computer says you do have TPMS. consumer failure.


I agree with Thomas, we are trusted experts, every thing you paid for is well worth it besides the TPMS, take it to the store and we will happily get you your money back.


Discout tire bought my sumoto cray tires off my car when i got my tires replaced got 13 bucks a piece so did drop bill some. never had any tire store do that they other stores charge you for the old tires so i have no complant with them at all.


Wow, it DOES sound like an honest mistake was made by the employee. Just go back to the store and ask for a refund.

You sound like someone who is very dramatic and likes to blow stuff out of proportion. Get a grip. It was not a catastrophic event.

Take a deep breath ... and deal with it.


so 15 years of what you call a honest and reputable and one mistake ruins this?? Did you even ask what this charge was for and what kind of vehicle is this? Im sure over the 15 years they have given you more than $20 off in some way so you probably owed them anyway.


The computer system used will automatically ask the salesman to acknowledge tpms rebuild kits to sale. It is an honest mistake and if you go to the store it will be refunded. I know this because I work for dtc.

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