Several days ago I purchased tires for my H2 Hummer from Discount Tire. I also purchased the replacement warranty after the salesman pointed over his left shoulder to the sign below.

Today my wife takes her SUV to the same Discount Tire for a tire that leaks air. They find a nail in her tire that looked very similar to the screw in the advertisement below. They said

they would patch the tire, but not replace the tire. They told us to read the fine print in our contract. The advertisement below only says "Replacement Certificate". If the advertisement

said "Replacement Certificate or Patch" most people would be hesitant to by the Replacement Certificate, knowing the patch is the most likely outcome. The Sign says with a smile from a

pretty young woman and gentleman, "No Problem. You're Covered". I no longer have a good feeling about Discount Tire. I feel there is a problem with this type of advertisement and

the casual way I was directed to the advertisement when being enticed to purchase the Replacement Certificate. The manager of the store, Quentin, said the tire is absolutely safe as

long as the proper steps in the patch process were followed. I would feel better if Discount Tire replaced the tire that had a nail in it instead of relying on the proper steps being taken by a tired employee in the back of the Discount Tire Store on Hwy 6 Sugar Land, Texas.

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We dont replace a tire if it can be safely repaired. Underneath the tread of a tire consist of multiple steel belts which makes it safe to repair the tire in this region.

Had the nail or screw entered the sidewall of the tire, or an area that consist of no steel belts, the tire would have been replaced. If we automatically replaced a tire that could be repaired, there would be a huge waste of resources. We focus on keeping tire prices low and keeping our customers happy. Being wasteful will drive prices higher.

Happy customers will come back. I believe the Sales Person should have taken a different approach rather than telling you to "read the fine print".

to Discount Tire Employee #1368457

I've had several tires repaired and several replaced under the Discount Tire replacement Certificate. I've always been satisfied with the repair or replacement depending on the circumstances.

I've never had a repaired tire fail due to the replacement and true to their word, Discount Tire has always replaced the tire, no questions asked, when it was non-repairable. It just comes down to understanding when it can be safely repaired.

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