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Six months ago took my wifes RX330 into the Discount tire on 2920 in Houston TX and had a tire changes out $150.19...very pleased with job. My wife takes the car in last week to have the rest of the tires done and comes home with a price of $200 per tire plus they add on a certificate for free replacement for another $37.75 per tire without asking her.

I go in and get teh free replacement backed out but they refuse to do anything about the price. Lexus price was only $14 much for a bargain.

They took advantage of someone who did not understand what was happening.

Review about: Discount Tire Replacement.

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should of told her what tires exactly you wanted. really your fault for bringing her over there, especially if she doesnt know anything about tires.

you can go online, check prices and pick out a tire in a few minutes.

at those prices, it was probaly a michelin and those are the best tires you can put on a car and if u can afford, if any one can. go with those.


sdallas happy it worked for you..what would happen if there was could not get to a discount tire store I'm stuck..anyway I did not like the way they just stuck it on the bill without even asking.


I bought the certificates on my tires and it has already paid for itself. If you have the certificate and something happens, they really take care of you.


You mentioned you bought the tire 6 months very easily could cost $50 dollars more now than it did before. Tire prices change as fast as gas prices do...and most manufacturers have raised prices dramatically this summer so I'm not surprised it costs more now.


This their way. Sell the certificate or else. I hate retailers that the extra warranties.

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