Yesterday I went to Discount Tire in Maplewood, MN on White Bear Ave to get my tire checked because it kept leaking air. I specifically told them to tell me what they problem was once they found out because the tire is still under warranty.

I never signed any service contract and they fixed the tire without my consent. When the wheel came back out, there were two long scratches and two indents on my $800 rim. I know with 100% certainty that there was no scars on the rim before it went in. My husband pointed out the scratches right away and right away the customer rep denied causing the damages even though he was not the technician who worked on my wheel.

My husband was furious and asked them to dismount the tire again so he can see how it was done, the customer rep agreed to dismount the tire again. He claims to have 10+ years experience yet he asked someone else to dismount the tire. When they dismounted it again, my husband noticed a big rip on the tire where it touches the rim. With both the technician and the rep there, they didn't even catch the tear in my tire till my husband pointed it out.

They denied the damages right away again. Very rude and horrible service. I will never use them ever again and I will do everything in my power to spread the word. They never apologized or offer to replace anything or give me a new tire or rim for a discount.

I walked out of there with a tire with a huge rip and a rim with scratches and dents unmounted because I refuse to let them touch them again.

They are the first people to handle my wheel since I bought it. There is no doubt about who cause the damage.

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