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Update by user Jun 06, 2012

I have not heard from discount tire about my complaint and I had to leave TX. so I will just call it a loss and a learning experience.

Original review posted by user May 04, 2012

TheHad Bridgestone tires on car, but still had good tread on 3 of the tires but bought 4 new bridgestone tires and they would not give me any thing for the pro rated warranty because I did not buy them from discount tire. The front tire had 40 lb pressure instead of 32lbs.

the hub cap nuts were not tight. The tires had to be orderd and it took a week to receive them.

I had to call them about the status of the tires.. If I had hit the road with 40 lbs of pressure I would have had an blow out on the interstate highways.

Monetary Loss: $464.

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They probobly havent replied for a few reasons.

1. this isnt thier website

2. not real sure what they did wrong.

3. GFY look that up u dip-***!




Please no more info. on my complaintl I dont know how to remove it;


40 PSI would not have made a blow out happen you ***. your tires max out at atleast 44 psi so 40 would have been just fine.

Stop your ***.

these people are experts nd do there job for fourty hours a week. I am positive they know how to do it better than you.....


why should they pro-rate your tires? you said 3 were good--just because you didn't want them on your car isn't their fault--they will only pro-rate a defective tire. don't blame them for having to order your tires--years ago if a tire dealer stocked 10 different sizes he could cover 99% of the cars on the road--now its almost impossable to stock every tire--some car models have as many as 5 different sizes just for that one car--so that would mean the dealer would have to stock 20 tires for that one car--4 of each size--so to keep his inventory turning over most tire stores only stock the most popular sizes.

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