Took 2014 Subaru in because of small leak in tire. They took tire off rim and claimed they couldn't fix tire.

When I brought car back in a week, to have new tire put on, they had taken another tire off car and removed it from rim. They claimed it had a leak in it and was unfixable also. They said there was a nail in tire that was causing a leak. When I brought car in, the three other tires were inflated and showed no sign of leaking.

I don't know how they would have been able to find problem with that tire. It seems very suspicious that they would check the other tires until they found a problem. Discount tire refuses to put old tire back on rim, claim it is their policy. I will take my tire business any place else, no matter the price.

I feel Discount tire created more problems than they fixed. I believe they set the customer up in a position where the customer is forced to buy new tires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Repair.

Reason of review: Fraudulant practices.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Discount Tire Cons: Bad customer service.

Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa

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I had a similar problem with. It seems like they operate in a different manner then in previous years. I won’t go there anymore


Took a tire to Discount Tire store in Cedar Falls Iowa with nail leak. Took it back three times and still leaked air. Finally took it to a reliable tire store and fixed it right.


So DT is not allowed to work on a vehicle and let it leave the store without all the tires being safe, which is why they don't fix flats without the option of having a spare or the customer possibly getting a new tire if said tire is deemed unrepairable...to be repaired the "hole" cant be bigger than the plug, cant be in the shoulder or sidewall, and cant be at a sharp angle...the tire also can't have more than 3 patches and the other patches have to be good (plug and patch, no stickies) ect. this is all based on tire regulations...and you can't see all of those things without taking the tire off the rim which is why it's a "fix it if we can situation"..but they can't remount the bad tire because of safety.

As far as them checking your other tires, every vehicle gets an airpressure/spot check per their policy. It's not about trapping people into getting new tires, it's about liability in that when a vehicle is worked on and leaves they have legally done everything they can per regulations to ensure you and the people on the road with you are safe....they should have done a better job explaining everything to you and that being said, some people are just crooks or worthless and I'm not invalidating what you've stated cause who knows mabe that particular store or those employees are terrible but what I wrote above is DTs policy and why they do things overall

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