The Grand Prairie I-20 location takes advantage of WOMEN. I came to this location 3 times following clear instructions from the techs on having my " WHEEL WELDED" on November 4th 2011.

The second time(December 24th 2011) I went back I was informed the wheel was welded incorrectly, so I then took it back to be fixed. I returned to Discount tire on December 26th and was told they would not replace the tire as "DO NOT REPLACE TIRES ON WELDED WHEELS, AND WE CAN NOT PLACE THIS WHEEL BACK ON YOUR CAR BECAUSE ITS TO DANGEROUS"!!!! At this point I am FERIOUS as would have never WASTED TIME AND MONEY. My questions are to you all are: 1) If welding was not an option, why was I instructed to do so.

2.) Upon my return, why would the tech show me exactly what the "welding" should look like and instructed me to go back to the people whom fixed it to have them re-fix it. 3.) If the wheel was dangerous yesterday why wouldnt it have been just as dangerous on 11/4 and 12/24.

I will not stop until all these questions are answered and I be redeemed for $115.00 on having a tire welded for absolutley no reason. Was all this worth you all getting out of replacing a tire that I paid warranty for!!!!

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Timmy needs a mother, it seems, to tell him how rude he absoutely is. Then his father needs to take him outside and beat the *** out of him!

Timmy, go to a sexist male website, and stay the heck off sites where we are stating the truth. YOU ARE A SICK LITTLE BOY.


Discount Tire does not treat women the same as men, in my experience. The first time we ordered a tire from them my 17yr old son called and the tire was there the next day.

But a week later when I called and asked if they could repair that same tire b/c there was a nail in it, I got the run around and was told to come in at 4pm. When I got there, I saw no other customers, no cars being worked on in the bays and it took them over an hour and half to patch/plug the tire. Then they insisted since that tire had more tread on it, I should have it on the back instead of the front b/c it was "safer" from blow outs. That contradicted what my mechanic had told me and when I questioned it, I was told I was not up to date on the latest research and my mechanic didn't know what he was tlaking about.

My mechanic has been my mechanic since before I wwas born, he is a family friend and highly qualified, but I allowed them to rotate the tires so I would be "safe". As it turns out it is safer when it comes to hydroplaning, not blow outs as DIscount Tire tried to inform me. Then the straw that broke the camel's back, I ordered a tire on a Friday, the guy on the phone said " I can get that today" when I had not heard from them by Saturday afternoon I caled to get an update I was told the tire would not be there until Tuesday, when I said I wouldn't have ordered and put a deposit down without checking other retailers I was told " well you know it's the holidays...we cannot control FedEx".

Needless to say after ALOT of BS from Discount Tire I got my refund, when to Kauffman Tire and *gasp* got my tire installed the next day. My experience is that a 17 yr old boy gets better customer service than a woman does from Discount Tire.


YEAH THAT'S NOT SAFE AT ALL DISCOUNT TIRE IS AMAZING ... Take your *** somewhere else and get your wallet raped ....

I will continue to shop with discount and they def don't hate on women your just a ***.

And think People are taking advantage of you .... Close them legs girl


I hate to break this to you as I know your are "ferious" and but a mere woman, but wheel welding is not really that safe to begin with and it nothing but a stop-gap solution to a problem better-solved by buying a new wheel. I am unsure why you feel they take advantage of "a woman." Tire companies and repair shops, etc take advantage equally of men AND women.

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