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I have membership or coverage with Discount Tire for almost 9 years . I paid over $500 for all 4tires they changed .

After that in 2years I went to get a flat tire fixed .they sold me a new tire and I paid . 2 years ago I had a flat tire again I went there to get it fixed .They sold me 2back tires I paid them over $300 . They also Sold me a spare tire as well . ($57) 3rd time ) This week I had a flat tire .i called AAA they came and changed the tire and put the spare tire for me .

After that I went to Discount Tire . The person Kevin said ,you need to buy 2new tires and you also need to buy a spare tire . Tires will be for $315and Spare tire for $75. I told him No ,I bought these tires from you 2years ago they fine .you just fixed my flat tire and I don’t need to buy a new tire .

He replied,” Your tire are old .and your flat tire is old too .needs to be changed . I said to him it’s never used how is it old and is not good anymore without being used ? He said because Tires are made out of Rubber they get old and useless just by sitting in your Trunk” ! I insisted my tires are not old .

And they are covered by DT ... He said no they are not covered ! You will need to pay for 2tires $315 dollars to us ... I said please put my spare tire back and I will take my care to Discount tire different location ...

He said ,ok I will cover 1 tire and you pay “$176. Your tires will be covered . I said to him to please put back my spare tire and I want to go . He pressured me and said ,” I don’t advise you to drive with this spare tire “ Not knowing what to do .as it was getting late .and they were closing .He pressured me that and said “ I don’t advise you to drive .

So To get back to home I paid him $176 and he changed the tire and put back my Spare tire in the trunk .Without even showing me what type of tires he put on my car ? He just said he changed the 2front tires . Because they were old ! My question is my tires were NOT old .

I didn’t need to change the tires at all . I went there to get the flat tire fixed . DT rep Kevin said ,my flat tire is beyond repair ! A big lie as I didn’t drive with the flat tire at all .AAA changed it for me They Scamed me by and charged me the full amount for the 2 new tires without showing me the tires !

Previously when DT changed my tires they showed me which tires they were and are good for 90 ,000 miles and gave me all the information and changed it in from of me .those tires were inside the store and they showed them to me first and then went and changed them . I want to file a formal complaint about this Discount tire on 12 Mile Orchard Lake ,Michigan 48334 And the Representative “ Kevin” who to me is nothing but a THIEF ! He was extremely rude and pressuring me to buy the 2 tires from Discount Tire and buy a new Spare tire too .

Please note my spare tire is brand new full tire and not a “Donut” .DT sold it to me 2years ago and it wS never used other than this week to go to Discount tire . Thank you I want Discount tire manager to follow up with me on this complaint ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Car Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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