My family have been long time customers of Discount Tire. The past few years their service and competence in work has taken a huge nose dive.

They are very friendly, but in my experience their congeniality doesn't make up for the fact that they don't have a clue what they are doing and don't seem to care. I frequently have to take my car back 3 or 4 times to get them to balance the tires correctly. I have caught them lying to me about rotating my tires on both my cars (claimed to have done so, but didn't, causing pre-mature wear). They lied to me about doing a road force balance that I specifically requested and paid for - they even made up road force numbers and wrote them on my report when I was watching the guy use a non road force machine.

They always set the pressures wrong on my car and they never reset the tire pressure monitor correctly. To put icing on the cake, I am pretty sure they scratched my car last time I had it in there.

I started using this company years ago because they cared about their customers and did things right the first time.

Now its just an act. There is a ton of competition in tire sales these days (NTB, Firestone, Sears, Belle Tire, tirerack.com) so my recommendation is take your business elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Sharpsburg, Georgia, United States #803918

Discount tire in Peachtree City, GA- - - Good prices , friendly install. DON'T BE A VICTIM...They don't have a clue about customer service and have cross-threaded two nuts on two different wheels during the most recent "rotation".

Have no clue how to correctly install lugs, prevent over-torque, and when questioned as to what were they going to do about it replied "WE DON'T FIX THAT".

Obviously they're only very good at "CREATING THAT". Fist time I've had stripped studs in over 40 years of driving...I will never use these MORONS again!!!

Bay City, Michigan, United States #714111

Discount tire "SUCKS" Broken lug nuts when we had our tires rotated and then tried to sell us a wrong tire so they could profit Manager was a complete *** *** when I brought it to his attention and told me he lost my original tire when I tried to prove it!

I would never recommend or ever promote the Discount tire store in Auburn Hills Michigan. This store and the A-Hole manager SUCKS!

Dallas, Texas, United States #631517

I asked them to put on new tires and rims, they put on new rims, and then put the nine year old tires back on the new rims. I now know why: they didn't have any tires that fit my car in stock!

Those morons risked my safety by that idiotic action! I will post about them again and again.

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