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Purchased set of new tires for my Infiniti G35S at Discount Tire in Baytown, Texas (1700 Decker Drive) on 2/16/2012. Low profile tires are very expensive and generally only last for 20,000 miles maximum.

For this model car the 2 rear tires are wider than the 2 front tires. Total cost $873.71. Proper installation to avoid more than normal wear is very important. Less than 1 month later and less than 125 miles I take my car to Space Center Automotive in Clear Lake, Texas to get inspected and check out why my low tire pressure alarm will not reset.

They call and say that the tires were installed incorrectly by Discount Tires (one wider tire and one smaller tire installed in the front and the same for the back) and a lug nut was not intalled. At the time they were checking out the low pressure tire alarm issue. What POOR quality control at Baytown Discount Tire. The work was obviously very rushed and not checked to insure it was done properly.

So now I pay someone else to do what Discount Tire should have done. Install my tires correctly with ALL lug nuts and resolve my tire pressure alarm. When I called the acting manager on duty (Keith) he acted very unconcerned and unapologetic.

This is the GREAT service of DISCOUNT TIRE???

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First off. What this person didnt mention is that they were reombursed for the services done at that nechanic shop.

All while discount didnt see vehicle to prove cust. Complaint. Thats a great company. Mistakes can be made and quick to throw stones but discount takes care of there customers evert minute of every day.

From what I learned bout the acting manager keith I will agree with this person he is an *** but he is only 20 yrs old.

Discount should make better decisions in managers and not base it on what they think a cust would like to see a managers look to be or becauase they are soft spoken. They have much better guys that have been there.for yrs that should be managers that are on on bottim totem pole that would make discount tire much better ifthey were.

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