Went to Discount Tire to have tires rotated because front tires were getting low on tread. Manager pointed out that back tire had a nail in the side and needed to be replaced, so I bought 2 new tires.

After the tires were paid for, they told me that the new tires would have to go on the back in accordance with industry standards - even though there is no law stating that the new tires MUST go on the back. I told them that I came there to get good tires on the front, and I wanted the new tires placed on the front. He said they would NOT put the new tires on the front, and I could rotate them in my back yard if I wanted to. I told them that I would never return to Discount Tire again.

Consumer beware! I recommend finding another place to get tires.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Tire Rotation.

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I came across the same situation where I wanted the new tires on the front and was told they had to go on the rear, I think that is BS. I think having better tires for steering is better especially with antilock brakes. In addition to that I almost brought my truck in with brand new larger tires on the rear that would not have fit on the front and was told they would have had to refuse service.


It's not a law that your new tires have to be put to the back of the car. It is however most tire company's policy.

If you do not like the policy you can go somewhere else. No one will make you buy tires from them. All tire manufacturers have stated this new tires should be installed in the rear on all autos because of over steer caused by installing new tires in the front.

Installers dont want to get sued by you when your wife or kid spin out on the freeway and get killed. If you want someone to do something dangerous, you should do it yourself


Customer frendly? No, thanks!))


Ok, so if the front tires are worn and need replacing, then you have been driving all along with tires on the back of the vehicle that still have adequate tread on them. So has that been a dangerous situation?

If you replace the front tires, the back tires are still the same as what you have been driving on all along. With the reasoning of new tires on back, then you would have to keep new tires on the back all the time to provide additional traction.

to Dave #1456236

If it's a front wheel drive car, you need the traction on the front. Since its there policy to put the worn tires on the front, if your front tire blows out and you lose control of your vehicle, they can be held liable. There policy is the dumbest thing I have ever herd


I was told the same thing yesterday at Discount Tire. They said, "by law that they can't put new tires on the front and not on the back".

I said, " I have front wheel drive so it stands to reason I need better traction in the front". The service guy replied, "we can't do that because of fishtailing in the back". Once again, I stated, "that's why I want them in the front". He said, "it was a law preventing them form just replacing the front".

I said, "it sounds like a ploy to get customers to buy 4 tires instead of 2".

As I was exiting the store I said that I would never do business with them again. I want to know is that really a law or just a ploy?Type your message here

to Cheryl Vikis #1411472

No such law exists

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1297791

Modern vehicles have anti-lock brakes, and traction control, and some even have Vehicle Dynamics Control. I could see this tire rotation with the good tires on the rear benefiting someone with a 20 year old vehicle but not a relatively new vehicle.

This is clearly a ploy to sell more tires regardless of what the so called "experts" say.

If we are going to use their logic then we need to get our brakes replaced every 10,000 miles because everybody knows new brakes will stop a car shorter than brakes with 10,000 miles on them. I will find someone who is willing to rotate my tires front to back every 6,000 miles and give them my business.

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1273147

I went to Discount Tire recently requestin two new tires on the front because they were bald and the rears had good tread,they did what I asked but a few weeks later I noticed that the new tires on the front are larger than the rear ones that I already had! I'm not sure why they didn't look to compare my tire size to the computers recommended size before they put the new ones on,or if it's bad for the vehicle to have different sizes like that.Also,I want to know if the new tires are supposed to go on the rear then why didnt they rotate them that day i bought new tires.I'm going to call or go in to the shop and have a talk with them.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #1237294

I had the same problem at a different tire center. The bad thing is no one informs the consumer of this new law so they can decide what they want to do as far as the tires. I AM A VERY UPSET CONSUMER


You find this practice everywhere. Due to rear spin outs and law suits now all shops are placing new tires only on the rear.

No shop near me will install new tires on the front.

to Anonymous Sussex, Wisconsin, United States #1118192

what if you have front wheel drive?


One more important note: My tires are at 4/32 and he said last time (6/32)(reduce it yourself) that the tires "REALLY NEED TO BE REPLACED". I said lets wait.

Now yesterday the guy tell me that my 90,000 mile tires with 27,000 miles on them are "NEEDING TO BE REPLACED NOW". WOW so I got 1/3 of the life on $190 tire. Yes but it will only cost me $115 plus tax to replace them! Is this BS or what.

I emailed BF Goodrich to complaining that I only got 1/3 of the life and my ratio of return was horrible. Guess what BF told me! There is no warranty money given to discount for tires with more that 2/32 of tread on them! So guess what this means.

Discount is selling my used tires to someone else and selling me a new tire and BF isn't even asked to honor their warranty. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! The girl from BF said go back in the store when the tires are at 2/32 and request to have BF called directly( she said they will need to reference my case #) and then I will be given a proper refund! This should be investigated.

No wonder their Corporate Offices are so beautiful in North Scottsdale. THEY ARE RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS!

Where are you John McCain! Loser Senator!

Chandler, Arizona, United States #1086601

They want the front tires to wear out quicker. Even though the tires are safe they insist on putting the thinner thread tires on the front wheel drive and therefore it will wear quickly.



That's a *** reason to never go to a tire store again


NTB told me same type of ***...so I told them to get my keys and I will go elsewhere...If I buy 4 tires they will put them on the front

to Anonymous #1066722

If you buy 4 tires, where else would 2 go?

Tampa, Florida, United States #995150

Most driving is done around town in stop and go driving so a hydroplaning situation is a very small percentage of all driving. If you get into an accident because you lost front wheel traction after you told them you wanted the tires in the front just sue them.

If enough people do this they will change there policy. Come on people don't let corporate America tell you what to do at you expense.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #995051

I always get my new tires 2 at a time and yes they do have to go on the back. Google it folks!

Discount tire wants to keep you safe AND follow the law.

to Anonymous #995058

We are sold cigaretties, boose, guns, 400 horse power cars. This is more profit driven than safety if anything.

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