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I took my Chevy Cruze to Discount Tire to get 2 tires on my car fixed. Each had a nail in it and thus each had a slow leak.

Each nail was in the middle of the tread in a place easy to fix. The young man at the desk measured their tread depth and said they would not repair my tires because my tread depth was not deep enough. And of course he then proceeded to try to sell me 4 new tires. Anybody see a conflict of interest there?

(At the time I had not measured the tread depth because in general the tread looked fine to me. I am a 65 year old Mechanical Engineer in Houston TX and have worked on cars most of my life.) As he was talking I remembered that although I had been a Discount Tire customer for many years, in recent years they have become increasingly difficult to deal with. So I vowed again to quit going to them. They are an irritating waste of time.

As I told my wife, Discount Tire's attitude seems to be: There is a speck of dust on your car, you need 4 new tires. So, I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING DISCOUNT TIRE unless you like being a slave to their rules. They have become cowardly and afraid to do anything outside of their narrow set of rules. However, I cannot completely blame them because of the risk of lawsuits in our litigious snowflake society.

But they leverage that to trap people into buying tires. What a gimmick! I think the only thing they will understand is losing customers. They’ve lost me.

[P.S. (1) I went to NTB after that and they essentially pulled the same routine, but weren’t as pushy. Then I went to Goodyear and they repaired my tires without hesitation. But they repaired them from the outside with tire repair strings, which worked on one tire but not the other, which still leaked.

I finally got a friend to fix it at his auto shop and repair that tire the proper way, by taking the tire off and repairing it from the inside with a plug-patch. See: ] [P.S. (2) During this whole process I also found that Discount Tire & NTB were dishonest when measuring my tires’ thread depth. I believe they use the 4/32” rule: If minimum tread depth anywhere on the tire is less than 4/32” they will not repair the flat tire.

I wrote down several of the measurements they made.

The next day I carefully measured my tread depths and found that they cheat in their favor an average of about .020” per measurement. Imagine that!]

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Tire Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I went through the same thing on January 5, 2019. I took my vehicle for a tire repair and rotation.

I was told my tires were at 4/32" and they couldn't rotate them and could fix the leak but not balance. I asked why they couldn't balance? They said the rules wouldn't let them. I told them that was wrong of them not to want to balance the tire and refuse to do it and that I paid for road hazard and everything.

I also asked them, what happened to their customer skills? Discount tire use to be about pleasing the consumer but now, a bunch of arrogant people who think they are the only option.

Goodbye Discount. I've spent 1000's of dollars with you over the years but I will take my business elsewhere.

to Ricko #1627827

same happened to me ... all they want to do is sell you 4 new tires..

over 15 yrs. and countless sets of tire I will never use again....


I had the same exact experience. I wouldn’t recommend discount tire to anyone.

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