Purchased winter tires and one blew out they treated me like *** when I asked for the warranty work to be done and the tire to be replaced. They sold me studded winter tires on a 4 wheel drive vehicle, my fault being a female I had no idea 4 wheel drives don't need studs, I am sure the guy new that too but he made it seem like he was giving me a deal, 800 dollars later I walk away with new rims too because after they told me my factory rims would work, they called in the middle of the job sayin they don't fit and I had to purchase their wheels too! 120th and i-25 location...Do not buy from them.

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Make sure you explain this to the store manager and get this settled. I have more than enough experience in this field, something is wrong and you should be taken care of.


You should have just told them to take everything off and to just replace that one tire. Stand up for yourself girl!

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