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On 10/25/10 I purchased two 215/65/16 Yokohama tires from Discount tires company. I had them mounted on my car on 11/05/10.

Two days later, one of the tires blew out on highway. I lost control of the car and I was fortunate I did not hit anyone nor I damager my car. I replaced it with the spare and took it my Toyota dealer the next day. I called Discount Tire office and I was told to take to an authorized Yokohama dealer.

If they prove that the tire blew out without any cause from the road, the Yokohama Company will replace at no charge. The Toyota dealer found nothing from the road that caused the blow out. Yokohama would not replace it. I was fortunate that my extended warrantee on my car covered $100 and I paid $40 out of my pocket.

Last year I bought 2 similar tires from Discount tire Co. This year I went back to them I purchased two more. I will never buy any tire or do business with them again. I will make sure that my community members of over 13 thousands will do business with Discount Tire and get ripped off.

I was lucky I was not hurt or killed when I lost control of my car because of a tire that I bought from Discount tire. They do not stand behind their product even when it is defected.

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Allen states to have consumer affairs office at Yokohama contacted. Yokohama has a bad reputation for not honoring warranties and the consumer affairs office will give you the run around and a bunch of lip service. You really need to report them to the National Traffic Safety organization, and the BBB.


It may not be the where you purchased the tires, but the fat that they are Yokohama tires. Yokohama has had at least 5 recalls on tires in the past, there are several complaints about Yokohama tires all over the web with regards to them not lasting for very long, uneven tread wear even when you align and balance properly and loud road noise.

Yokohama refuses to honor warranties and they only have a C+ rating at the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau where they are located.

If I were you, I would avoid Yokohama tires at all cost. You can report their tires to the National Traffic Safety Organization and also to the BBB in Southern Ca.



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Discount Tire sells the tires but they aren't sitting back there making time. If the tire blew out after you bought it and it was a bad tire, then it was a bad tire.

They are just the people selling the tire. Yokohama tires are very well known and I currently have a set on my car. If you were unhappy then they normally would have taken care of you though, so i can't explain that.

If you would like, I would get in contact with the consumer affairs office which is the 800 number on the back of the envelope your invoice came in. They will help get you taken care of.

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