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twice ive been to discount tires cause i had got a nail in my tire and the first time i waited an hour and a half and never was taken care of they apoligized but i took it some where else to get fixed and the second time they told me i had to wait another hour and a half just for a nail so i left and got that one fixed in 15 min at another tire place. i also found a bump on the sidewall of my tire and took it back to discount tire ti have it looked at and resolved and they told me i had to pay 97 dollars to fix the problem at the lacey wa location. i was pissed cause discount tire has a sign buy your tires hear and we will fix any tire any time big fat dam lie and to top it off i bought the tires at discount tires two tires for 112 at the texas store in bedford so why would i pay 97 dollars to fix one tire what a dam rip off for what a defect tire i will be going to the better BBB if i cant get this issue resolved you can contact me at

Monetary Loss: $112.

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"discount tire has a sign buy your tires hear"

You may want to read that sign again.

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