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Recently, I went to Discount Tires in Fort Worth Texas to have my tires rotated (which is part of my guarantee). They convinced me that I needed two new tires.

When I drove home afterwards, I noticed that there was a low tire warning where my odometer mileage is suppose to be. I took it back and, after three different techs looked into the matter they fixed it. However, I later discovered that in place of the low tire message my odometer now read in kilometers instead of miles. When I called back to report the problem they were mystified.

So am I. I might as well fix it myself. There's no telling what message I will get next time. After checking my warranty, I have sinking feeling that I was scammed on the tires too.

Discount Tires might be fast, but they do shoddy work. I won't be going back there again!

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Denton, Texas, United States #693732

techiero... you are an ***...

no tire place installs bead sealer unless there is a need for it... a tire should not leak when installed on a wheel without defect...

tire sealer is for chrome peel and cheap people who wont get new wheels. You need to shut the *** up on here, you use lube when installing a tire and for the post you are dumb as *** just switch it back to miles.


Tire installers like to cut corners and forego proper rim bead prep and will often skip applying the bead sealing compound. It's all about increasing their profits at the customer's expense.

The result is chronic leaks at the bead. If you want it done right, get yourself a bead breaker, a couple of tire spoons, a wire brush, solvent, and a can of tire bead sealant.


Ok get over it. The low pressure system is a joke.

Every car mfg has a different way of resetting their system.

What happened probably is that yours has to be reset manually and when the person tried to reset it he accidentally change your car over to kilometers. Read your car manual and you can reset it back to miles.

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