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I took my car to discount tires because the tires I had bought from them only 11000 miles ago were totally worn out and they were 40000 miles tires . They did not have the same model tires( or so they said ) and they sold me a new and different model tire.

Now, I use the manufactures milleage warranty, not the road hazzard warranty, so I should not have to pay for new road hazzard because I did not use it, yet they still charge me for it on the new tires, which wore out extremely fast. When my wife call to complaint about the unjust charge, they basically laugh at her.

It seems to me that when a tire wears out before its milleage warranty, that it should be pro rated, and the customer shoud pay for the mliieage he used, but the road hazzard, since it had not been use should be transfer to the new tire without charging for it again. There are two warranties, not one, is only fair and logical.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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mileage warranty is through the tire company itself so they send the tires back the road hazard is through discount tire. the road hazard protection has saved me over $400 so i will always buy it.


After speaking to the Store manager about the situation, we were able to find a solution to the misunderstanding, and the problem was resolve. I will keep on buying my tires there.


The store employees work hard and with the utmost integrity. They r always fair and honest. You should contact the Mgr and he will help .

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