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Less than a month ago, I went to Discount tires after having an accident that flattened one of my tires (hit a curb). I only wanted to replace one tire at the time, so that's all I bought.

After installing the tire, the tech told me that I'd feel a little vibration because my rim was dented, but it's nothing to worry about.

Here I am, less than a month later, and the tire goes flat. I take my car to the shop, and the mechanic tells me it's because of a very obvious alignment issue. Replacing the tire again won't help until the alignment is fixed.

The Discount tech totally glossed over this issue. Now I'm out of the 219 for a tire from discount, plus the cost of 3 more tires, and the overall alignment issue. While Discount is not responsible for the alignment issue, they knew better than to sell me a tire as though all is good when the alignment was that BAD to blow a tire in 3 weeks.

They wanted the sell SO bad, that they ignored an obvious issue that would ruin the new tire.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Denton, Texas, United States #696411

its your own fault for not getting your alignment done you ignorant *** take responsibility for your own *** the guy told you the wheel was bent how the *** would he know the alignment was out!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #631520

Sounds like the normal procedure for discount tire. If you aren't getting four new tires with rims and all their special bullship, they don't give a *** about you or your safety.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #628097

Asswipes put the same old tires back on new rims, didn;t hear me ask for new tires because they were so busy trying to sell me expensive I know I'm gonna have to pay for labor to put new tires on new rims, when that should have benn done in the first place. My bad, knew this place was shady. Learned my lesson the expensive way!


They dont do alignments dipshit only tire guys no mechanical u ***

to unknown Houston, Texas, United States #628104

Everyone does not know that ***! You obviously work for those losers!!

Making you a LOSER for ripping people off~!! What goes around comes around!!

to Sickof***People Dallas, Texas, United States #631523

Discount tire...home of the worst salespeople and the worst "workers" you will ever meet.

Guys who can't even qualify for jiffylube end up at discount tire. Guys who couldn't sell food to a starving millionaire end up selling tires at discount tire.

Here's a thought, salesdude, LISTEN TO ME and then you might sell me something. No, I don't want $200 dollar tires and $300 dollar rims on my 10 year old car.

Thanks! :p

to unknown Dallas, Texas, United States #631521

They don't have to do alignments to let you know you need one.

Why the harsh language?

I mean, you sound like a typical wannabe mechanic that could only manage a job at jiffylube or discount tire.

My 4 year old nephew could do all the car work you can do, brave mr. unknown....


stop hitting curbs.... ***

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