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Over the past four months my front left tire has blown out three times. The first time was an old tire I had on it. Not a big deal. I went to Discount Tires and purchased a 75.00$ tire. They out it on and two days later it had a bulge on it threatening to burst.

I returned the tire and they replaced it without question because I had a warranty. This next tire of the same brand lasted a week and a half before it blew out while i was going about 55 causing me to swerve and hit a curb pretty hard. I didn't think much about it and went and got the tire replaced with the warranty again. I upgraded this time to a 125.00$ tire.

I assumed the other ones must have been poor quality. This tire lasted a month before it too blew out. I returned to Discount Tire and knew something was wrong because now both front tires were messed up. Discount refused to honor the warranty stating that my alignment was off from hitting the curb (their fault as well) and it wasn't caused by road hazard.

I took my business elsewhere and got two new tires and then took it to get it aligned. Then I find out my struts and wheel hub are ruined and have to be replaced costing me another 750$ on top of the new tires. All of this was caused by a tire I purchased from discount blowing out after a week and a half. They also failed to inform me of the damage when they replaced the final tire. I have never received friendly service there anyway and I will not be going back and will recommend to anyone that they not go to Discount Tires.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Learn to drive...stop hitting curbs!!


it seems to me like we have a repetitive problem here (predating your time with this tire store) seems reasonable to hold them accountable.... and if i were break a leg when i fell off my bike i would get it casted THEN I WOULD RETURN TO GET IT CHECKED OUT TO SEE IF EVERYTHING IS OK why, when you stated yourself, would you assume an impact that was that bad wouldn't affect something as sensitive as your alignment? but i think you handled it well and blamed someone that was not at all at fault GOOD JOB!


so lets get this straight, you had a blow out on your old worn out tire, then you got a new one, most likely hit a curb or a sharp edge that shifted the belts and caused a bubble to form that prob would have blown out (Thats the only reason you get a bubble in a tire) you had that replaced, and then had a blowout with the next tire too (Most likely from your precision driving skills hitting something else again, or hitting a pothole, YOU crash into a curb and mess up your front end and now its their fault? learn to drive

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