I purchased 4 new tires from Discount Tire in Lewisville Texas a year ago. I noticed that one of my tires was going low so I took my vehicle in to DT in Lewisville.

They told me that my alignment was off and I needed a new tire and they would look at the problem of the tire going low. They tried to sell me on the "service warranty" and I didn't budge. He told me he would make me a deal and *** another $10 to help me out. I told him I wasn't interested in buying another tire, just wanted my low one repaired.

They looked at my car and told me they couldn't *** the tires because I had "spacers" on the brakes. I told them that I had 4 new tires put on a year ago, at this exact location, and that doesn't make sense. They said sorry, we can't help you. I found out that I had a nail in the center of my tire.

I went home, took the nail out, and plugged the hole myself.

This place is a joke and I will NEVER go back there again. If you go there you will get ripped off...mark my words.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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