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I know a TIRE SCAM when I see one!

Take this scenario: I purchase 4 new 60,000 miles $200 each tires. I don't get back right away to the tire store, Discount Tire, to have my tires rotated and I had put on 6000+ on the tires already. Being that the tires on the front of ANY vehicle wear it tires the greatest in the front and especially on the right front. I needed to take my vehicle in to have the tires rotated to get longer life and a more balanced wear on all four. But after getting to Discount Tire the manager says, "Because your front tires are more wore than your rear tires we can't put the rear tires on the front. Or policy is to always have the better tires on the rear. To rotate the tires you'll need to purchase two new tires to be placed on the rear and rotate the rear to the front. I state, "But I've put less than ten thousand miles on these 60,000 mile tires and that's the reason I need to rotate them to the rear, so they'll last longer, because if I leave them on the front they'll wear their edges to the belt." Manager says, "I'm sorry but we can't put the more wore tires on the rear." I said, "Then I'll need to go someplace else, because the next time I come in you'll demand I buy two more new tires."

This is a scam! You could never purchase four new tires without uneven wear on the front and at that point they'll refuse to rotate the front to the rear. They're doing this to sell more tires. Be it's both the manufactures and tire stores, be it Discount Tire, Big O or many others, which are in on the scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Discount Tire Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Peoria, Arizona

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Same thing just happened to me. I spent almost $1000 on my tires a year ago and only put 8000 miles on them. The jackson michigan discount tire sucks Ill never give them another dime of my moneyThese guys are scamming people big time and are full of BS.


If they told you that they can't rotate them that is a lie. It is recommended that NEW tires be placed on the rear.

Discount Tire can't refuse unless you have other issues with the tire like 2/32 or less, heat ring, gummy plug in the tire, and a few other reasons. You must have went to a store with a manager who doesn't know what he is doing


This company is the worst kind of corporate trash. They over sell naive customers under the guise of “safety”.

No better than a scam artist mechanic that says they can’t legally let you drive away without an expensive repair. No shame.


It has been a while since I last bought tires. I am totally disgusted with tire sales companies who seem to have thought up every scam possible to bilk the consumer. I can give dozens of examples but the bottom line (which they avoid telling the customer} they are mostly liars, cheats and thieves.


I’m sorry but that’s not the case. The main priority for discount tire is to make sure you’re safe, all staff is paid hourly so it doesn’t do them any better to upsell you on tires as someone with commission.


They are unfortunately correct re: tires with more tread go on the rear.


This is the same sort of scam that I encountered at a Discount Tire in Albuquerque NM. I have been a Discount Tire customer for some 10 years and always purchased my tires from them until two weeks ago when I took a vehicle that I recently purchased in to get the tires aired up.

The tires were in good repair with over a three eights of an inch of tread left. After I pulled in the bay the technician inspected my tires and told me that he would be unable to put air in my tires because they were over 9 years old. I asked why and I the response I got was company policy prohibits him from doing so and that the rubber breaks down after a certain amount of years, how many he did not say and the tires could fail. He then explained that if he were to put air in my tires that Discount Tire would be liable if the tires failed for any reason.

Some how it was safer for them to send me on my way with out putting air in my tires. The scam here is that you are coerced it to purchasing 4 new tires under the assumption that the tires you have are dangerous and that Discount Tire is the hero for not letting you drive on dangerous tires.

I could understand this policy if the tires were worn or or cracked but for perfectly good tires???!!! I will never shop at Discount Tire again.


Discount and any company should not touch tires over 7 years of age. The rubber does degrade even if you can’t see it.

If he did touch the tire and happen to get in a reck you could sue them and you would win.this is why they can’t touch your tires. They have to worry about staying business more then hurting your feelings. If you are driving on old tires, that being anything older then 7 years you are a danger to yourself and others on the road.

So go air them up yourself and when you get into a wreck you will be sued for failing to maintain your vehicle properly. Then you will thank them for informing you.


Goes right along with car oil change shops telling people the new standard for minimum tire depth is 4/32 not 2/32. Not in Michigan the law says 2/32 for cars.

They'll tell you 4/32 works better in rain.

Well brand new tires that are traction A rated are better than any other non A rated tire. Buyer beware.


had the same thing happen to me would not rotate tires offered to sell me tires for 310 bucks f'ng scammers then wanted to know how much I was willing to pay to get new tires. What a joke


there is no way a manager told you they couldnt rotate your brand new tires with less then 10000 miles on them. as long as its within 5/32 they can rotate them.

In order to be a manager you have to know your stuff. So either you went longer then 10,000 miles without rotating or youre lying.




It's only safer to have your better tires on the rear if you have a rear wheel drive vehicle. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle any tire imbalances in the front can cause it to "pull" and possibly damage alignment.


This is incorrect. FWD/RWD makes no difference, the better tyres should ALWAYS go on the rear.

The reason being that FWD under-steer is relatively easily recoverable but Over-steer on a FWD (front wheel drive) vehicle is NOT. The driver has very little control on oversteer in a FWD car (much more so on RWD).

If you're ever driving a FWD vehicle and experience rear wheel break-away on a wet corner at speed you'll quickly discover why this is so undesirable!

Better-grip tyres on the Back ALWAYS.

(Although I do agree to some extent that provided that both tyres have a lot of tread and are of comparable grip then it should be fine (but I would not risk it)).

Best wishes.


Get a jack and rotate them yourselves,


This has hit me twice at DT stores in the past month where they refuse to rotate my tires because the rear tires "have the better tread". The end result is they don't have to rotate your tires EVER due to this policy, and you'll end up wearing out the 2 tires on the front. This is a scam.


it is safer to have the new tires (more tread) on the rear


Right, that's why race car driver's have big knobby tires! No, Their tires are no tread at all.


I recently took my vehicle to a local dealer for a state inspection. I had two new tires on the rear, only two weeks old, and two older, 60% worn tires on the front that I had rotated from the rear to the front at the same time as the new tires install, two weeks prior.

The dealer proposed an unnecessary tire rotation, (they did not know the history). When I asked why they were proposing a tire rotation, they said it was so the newer tires would be on the front, and the older tires on the rear.

This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what has been described to be Discount Tire's policy. Whether it be selling the customer a pair of new tires sooner or an unnecessary tire rotation, it appears to me that these servicer's policies on where the newer tire pair should be located are profit driven, and not related much to Physics.


There is policy about putting the best tires on the rear however that should only apply when buying two tires and the tires that were not replaced have a tread depth difference of at least 4/32. Next time you go anywhere and the place tells you something like that ask them to measure your tread.

In my experience the only reason that the tires wouldn't be rotated would be because ot the tires showing unusual wear on the edge . If the fronts show before the 10'000 mile mark it usually means that the alignment is off.

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