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Do not go to the Discount Tire store on broadway (Edmond ,Oklahoma). They charge new tire prices and put in used tires.

I experienced this today when i checked the tire pressure. I was angry and when i went back to ask i was ignored. Whats worse is they try to pass the tires as new by cleaning the tires (poorly by the way).

I do not know if this is happening only at this store location or nation wide.

I do not know why they conned me but im thinking about all the other owners who drove off oblivious they probably paid double for the tires. Buyer beware; the tires are not new.

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There is no way on earth i am ever bringing my car to your parking lot again. Im not falling for that.

I'll replace the tires elsewhere,this post is for the the people who you may still be cheating. This is for the consumers: always mark your tires before going to Discount Tires and check them before leaving.If they shine your tires use extra caution!


I am the store manager and am extremely surprised to read this. I run a very honest store with integrity for a company that was built on integrity.

If you contact me I will show you.

If there is any question whether we sold you new tires I will replace them for you at no charge. This is a very unusual complaint but easily resolved if you come and see me.


Of course you dont tire dude. You probably work there.

All i know is new tires are supposed to be clean with no sign of tread wear, what they put on my car was not new. Part of it is my fault for trusting them, but sooner or later the truth always comes out.


i really highly doubt this story to be true in any way.

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