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I took in my Tundra on June 14, 2018 because of a low passenger side rear tire. In addition to inspecting the tire; I requested for a rotation of the tires as well.

Turns out there was a nail in the tire and it was repaired and my tires were rotated. The next morning with the windows down I noticed a noise coming from the driver side rear tire. The plastic Toyota wheel cap cover retainer clip had been broken and was rattling around inside and had not been properly replaced; nor was I told it had been broken. Fine things happen and what's $68.00 to purchase a replacement from the dealer!

So on June 22, 2018 (8 days later) I am walking toward my truck and I notice the passenger side tire is worn all the way down to the (steel belt wiring?). I take the truck back to Discount Tire and I ask the tech to check the tire with me. He states "wow-yes the tire is bad". I asked him "since the truck was in here just last week and I had the tires rotated; shouldn't someone have told me about this?" The tech replies "yes".

I followed up with "how could this happen-it is very dangerous". The tech replied "someone didn't do their job". I then asked him to check the remaining tires where he found another tire that was equally as bad as the 1st and a 3rd that was borderline. $764.70 later I now have (4) new tires on the truck, but during the replacement a lug nut was broken off!

Discount Tire said they would pay for the repair at a shop I picked.

I am shocked that the safety of my family or any family and other drivers on the road was apparently overlooked in this instance.

I have been a Discount Tire customer for many years and I have never received such poor and careless service before. I hope that Discount Tire management will look into this incident and maybe the training of the staff that we as customers have granted them with a certain measure of trust in our lives.

Very disappointed

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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