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I went to Discount tire on White Bear Ave. Maplewood MN.

on 12-29-10. My tire was leaking air slowly so i wanted them to check why it was leaking air. After they patched it up and mounted it back I saw 2 big dents and 2 long scratch along the lip of my rim. note my rims are 18in.

RE30 Volk Rays $800 a piece. The dude said he knew what he was talking about and that he been doing that for over 10 years. I told him to remount the tire because I wanted to watch them do it. He didn't even know how to!

He had someone else do it. OMG I was so mad. Then when they tried to mount the tire back onto the rim I saw that there was a rip in the tire. They were just going to mount it back.

WOW! I was surpriased. Thats my life on the line. What if it blew up when im at the track doing 100 mph +.

Are you going to be 100% responsibe to the accident? They denied everything. They said it wasn't them and that their machine wouldn't scratch or tear up tires.

They didn't even bother to replace the torn tire. I wouldn't shop there ever again.

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