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My wife took here car in to get 1 new driver side tire so it would pass inspection. We regularly get our tires rotated and just bought 80,000 mile perilles.

We had about 25 to 30,000 miles on them and when she took it in they made a big fuss about how all the tires were bad and that she need all 4 tires replaced and showed here tires that were worn bald only in the center.

I know for a fact that all 3 tires were perfect. I checked them regularly as i feared the bad one would not last until we had enough to purchase a new tire. I am just furious that they still feel the need to lie and cheat people.

If i go back and ask for proof, they will only say that they disposed of the tires or they will show me some different tires.

I know that the store and the company could care less about retifying or even inquiring about the situation. So that my complaint.

Monetary Loss: $360.

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Great question, not. I used to brag about Discout Tires to my friends, but not so much anymore.

Consistency is a big problem as with one road hazard warranty being different than another one purchased from the same store. It must be the economy that's causing Discount to manipulate and mislead customers.


Sir, if you feel they are this deceptive why keep going back? Furthermore, what do they have to gain by telling you a lie?

If they take care of you you'll tell everybody how great they are, so what's the perks of NOT taking care of you? None that I can think of!!!

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