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i went into discount tire in selma, tx recently. When i went to pay for the newn set of tires i recieved, my debit card was ran and i was told that the card machine had been acting up.

So after they told me i had insufficient funds, i was forced to call a family member, who was at work, and have them take me to the bank, only to find my funds were over the sufficient amount. i then went back to pay in cash, and one of the employees decides it was a good idea to tell me to pull my shirt down. i was appalled, and the employee still works there. my funds were then frozen in my account due to the broken machine, all because the card reader over authorized the right amount frm swiping it too many times.

after over a week i could finally get my money, that i never spent, back onto the card. absolutely *** rediculous experience, and i will never ever ever go back.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #859286

sounds like a simple mistake. stop overreacting.


I must ask with your lack of education how did you get your license?


Why don't we just shop naked? Shirt needing to be pulled down, and various people with their pants hanging past their knees.

Interesting combination! :zzz


why was your shirt off?

it is not absurd for him to ask you to be decent inside the buisness....

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