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They have no idea what to do when they see a duel wheeled truck.I've used almost every location in the Orlando area.

They don't realize that duel wheels have to have access to the inside tires. I asked them how was I supposed to air my inside tires up and they said I don't know. So I said can you air them up? And the answer was no, not unless we take them off.

They put them on wrong and didn't want to pull them off to fix the retarded install.

If you have any choice at all, use Tire Kingdom instead.Discount only cares about money.

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I can change them myself and have full access to the nner stem. Maybe I should train Discounts's crews on common sense installs.


This is super funny!

Most people don't know much about working on drw axles/tires, which puts them in the same class as 90% of the people who buy them for no reason. We need a dually to haul our 1 horse trailer, cause a SRW truck isn't big enough.............. Need I say more?


dual wheel trucks are called duallies. and in order to check the air in the inner tire one must dismount the rear assemblies.... there is no way around this issue....

The technician is not very good. You can check (at least should be able to check air) with tire mounts.

I worked for a major rental truck company. We check all tires before renting them out and again when they are returned.

We could never do that if we had to remove the tire to check air pressure.


its called proper install. keep them 180 degrees from each other u ***


Total BS lie valve stems on inner tire, "dual lies" or duallies pun intended are longer and reach through outer wheel rim seriously you think that all the duallie owners out there have to remove a tire just to check a tire!

Well maybe those kind of Automotive engineers work for you guys too!


dual wheel trucks are called duallies. and in order to check the air in the inner tire one must dismount the rear assemblies.... there is no way around this issue....

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