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I went to the Discount Tires closest to my home, in Orlando, Florida. I only wanted to purchase a set of new wheels for my car, this is what I told them. I found the wheels I wanted and they told me the out-the-door price was over $820... They were going to charge me for tires, balancing, rotating, mounting, wheels, bolt kit, all these things I did not ask for. I told them I only wanted the wheels, and the people "helping" me seemed pissed off.

So I only purchased the wheels, and when I went to pick them up, they told me there was a delivery charge and that they needed to put them on at their location. I was extremely angry and told them I would not pay that fee, since it was mentioned previously, and that I wouldn't pay their outrageous price to have the wheels put into my existing tires.

I had a 1 year warranty on the condition of the wheels and about 11 months in, the clear coat starting peeling quite a lot only on one of them. I always take caution when I have the wheels shined professionally, to make sure it doesn't damage them in any way.

I took my paperwork in and the employee told me it wasn't their problem, that I must have damaged the clear coat and it wasn't covered under any warranty, even though it clearly stated a "clear coat" warranty.

I had to call every manager known to the company and finally, seeing as how the other three wheels were fine, they stated it must be a manufacturer problem. DUH.

I mean, HELLO??? Stop trying to rip me off and stand up to what you say and what you have in writing! I will NEVER go back to this company because of the completely unnecessary hassle, bad attitude and degrading service I received.

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