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Previously I had brought my car in for a tire rotation. They claimed it would be unsafe to do so (front wheel drive) due to the wear on the front tires vs rear. Both still had decent tread left. So I took their advice..a few months later (with no rotation) the front tires were worn badly enough they needed replacing and yet the rear tires were still in great shape.

When I requested that they place the new tires on the front, they refused. I asked if that was a law, that the rear tires were still in great shape their reply was it was not a law, but they would place the new ones on the back and rotate used ones to front. I asked if I brought the car in in a couple of months would they rotate them, and the answer was no...

I took my business elsewhere...this is an effing scam ...


Had I been allowed to rotate them the tires would have been able to wear evenly and I could just have replaced 4 at once...the way they conducted business would not allow that so now I replace 2 because replacing the rear as well as the front would be a huge waste.

Review about: Discount Tire Tire Rotation.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Other Location, New York, United States #716048

Still doing well, have not lost traction once.

I would like to state for the record:

Apparently many here do not realize what good condition and how much tread the rear tires still had. That fact is what made this a ripoff and a scam. NOT that the rear tires were bald or even close to it. Far from it. I expect to get another 20k miles out of those puppies before I buy 2 new tires.

I will be rotating once the front tires reach a similar level of tread as the rear are.

Joke all you want, but the rear tires in question were in great shape and still are.

Ignorance is a terrible thing...

Los Angeles, California, United States #625603

Bracken, those 3 cars that impacted your vehicle must have had their new tires in the rear lol


Michelin is the company that invested alot of time proving the theory of new tires on the rear. Look it up!!!

I guess Michelin must be in on this "scam" and they are working on a huge scheme with some Discount Tire shop right? WRONG!!! If you have new tires on the front and half worn ones on the rear get on the highway on a and while doind 60 or 70 mph start a panic stop and swerve as if you are avoiding say another car and watch the outcome, believe me you deserve the outcome. If you live through it do that exact same maneuver with new tires on the rear and then tell the world that this is just some "EFFING SCAM".

There are also large groups of the population that oppose seat belt laws too but until they are In that situation they will keep on opposing. Great day to you and keep on trucking.

to ChrisT Houston, Texas, United States #620464

I know one thing...regardless of what the "studies" show...

If I am on slick roads with a front wheel vehicle, the LAST thing I want are the worst tires on the front.

I have been driving front wheel vehicles for the last 30 years. I do not need a "study" to tell me where to put my tires.

According to the OP, if they had rotated the tires initially there would have been more even wear on the tires and not the resultant outcome he described.

I also agree that being the customer, I should have the choice. Right wrong or indifferent.

ChrisT: Perhaps you should put the balder tires on the front and initiate a loss of traction and see which one you can actually control...cause frankly bud, you cannot control a front skid as you can a back skid. If your front skid results in you sliding into oncoming traffic you are screwed because they only way to regain traction is to steer in the direction you are skidding: right into traffic.

ChrisT: Do you work in the tire or auto industry?

to Inarion #620736

I do, hence the reason I posted the facts. If the tires are installed at the same time or even close to the same time and they are maintained as needed there will never be more then a 2/32 deviation from the fronts to rears.

Of course there are a few variables to this that mainly are defined by driving habits. Have you seen any of the numerous videos out there in this subject? When Michelin did the study they didn't do it to promote their product because they know alot of people that watch those videos will not purchase a Michelin product, it was prompted because of incidents that have occurred.

We're talking basic maneuvers that caused the vehicle to loose vontrol such as a simple lane change. At lease with the lower tires up front you will have a feel of the limits in which you can perform unfortunately this isn't so the other way around.

to ChrisT Dallas, Texas, United States #623108

Actually I have...I have also been driving for 40 years. There was very little difference between the wear on the tires the last time I tried to get a rotation (which was supposed to be free...understand?) and with less than 1/8" difference in wear I was informed that they could not rotate them. Hence...the significant resulting difference a few months later.

Right need to examine the tires fairly closely to tell which are the new ones...that is how much tread is left on the rear tires.

Perhaps in general the industry isnt pulling a scam, but this particular store surely is...I will never do business with them there again, clearly.

Discount Tires, Dallas Tx...not in my lifetime.

to ChrisT Houston, Texas, United States #623102

I dont know, but since most of my braking is up front, my drive is up front and my steering is up front, I prefer to have my best tires up front as well.

As far as what is on the back...I never drive on bald tires.

I think the theory is sound but over applied.

If one has good tread left, then those tires being on the back will NOT result in a loss of stability. I have been driving for 40 years...sorry guys, but with 40 years of driving under my belt, I believe I am quite capable of knowing my abilities and limitations.

to Bracken Dallas, Texas, United States #653179

Lets just say they put your new tires in the front and by some astronomical freak lighting strike crazy blue moon accident you crash and kill someone in a spin out, guess who gets sued..... Not you!!!

New tires on the rear look it up. I bet if the coffe cup at McDonald's didn't say cation hot on it you still wouldn't poor it in your lap!!


You guys all complain about tire shops wanting to put the new in the rear saying its a scam but if you look at the facts you will see why. JUST GOOGLE NEW TIRES ON FRONT OR REAR!!

Yeah it took time for the facts to come through but the fact is multiple accidents have been blaimed on having bald tires on the rear and new ones on the front. In fact police stations have been doing this on squad cars for years.

So until you're the guy that spins out due this configuration I guess you'll make the scam and I'm the customer arguments. Also if you would have had the tires rotated at the recommended interval (6000 miles) you wouldnt find yourself in that predicament because there is no way there would be that much deviation if you did.

to jthal Houston, Texas, United States #620465

A member of the Google generation no doubt, eh jthal?

After all, they cant put anything on the internet that isnt true, even when I have 30 years of driving experience that tells me I want good tires on the front of my front wheel vehicle.

According to the OP his rear tires were not bald. There was plenty of tread left, so your assertion in this case is false.

Take your front wheel vehicle with the better tires on the rear and drive over ice, fool.

Merritt Island, Florida, United States #619403

On front wheel drive cars you always put the best tires on the rear. This is the policy of Sears, WalmARt, Pep Boys etc. It is a safety issue as the back tires will grab first during braking,

to alq #619613

#1 the rear tires were hardly worn at all.

#2 I am the customer

#3 I got another tire dealer to place them on the front, no problem.

#4 Is it not a safety issue if your front tires lose traction on a front wheel drive vehicle?

#5 I AM THE CUSTOMER...It is not against the law.

#6 Oh...did I mention that I AM THE CUSTOMER?

Doing things the way they want it results in selling more tires: need I say more?

to bbracken677 #619616

If my back tires were anywhere close to being bald, I could understand, but there was PLENTY of tread left.

to bbracken677 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #714586

You are the worst type of person. Customers are idiots that have no idea what they are talking about

to alq Dayton, Ohio, United States #619704

Yea.. I agree..

its my car and my tires. If i want them on the front thats my dicision not yours. I just had this happen to me.

life time free yea right. They just lost a long time customers over a 12$ rotaion.

to mjones Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #622622

it may be your car, but it's my family out there driving next to you. and to the 30 years of driving guy, how much of that was spent actually being an technician that works with cars? oh and chances are you did not have plenty of tread left

to anon Dallas, Texas, United States #623111

Dear Anon:

In my 40 years of driving I have never been involved in an accident that was my fault or due to mechanical issues from my vehicle. I have been run into three times while sitting still, one of those times was head on. I have been t-boned once and I have been side-swiped once.

You are making a comment without actually knowing what the condition of my rear tires were. I bought new tires (michelins) and placed them on the front, and right now most people would not be able to tell which are the newer ones without examining pretty closely...

So take your "chances are" and shove them you know where, Mr. Assumption maker.

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